Chinese roasted meat shops open for Thanksgiving or Wednesday?

<_< is there a black friday sale?

Ha, for all I know it’s like that every day – – during the pandemic I’ve been going around 1 PM when there’s never a line. Maybe not though— By 930 today, the line was almost to Miramar.

I wanted the duck not chopped up, and the woman working the door guided me to an English speaking employee to make that happen.

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I think, because Chinese restaurants are known for being open on Thanksgiving, they find your post funny.

In addition to Chinese style restaurants, many restaurants are open Wed and Thur.

eta: maybe not funny, but insulting, racist.

Wait; What post might be insulting or racist? My asking whats funny was my first post in this thread.

I thought it might be this;`

Also, this is a reply to ipsedixit because I wanted to use the quote function to copy those characters.


The funny responses were to the OP, you asked why funny, I replied why I thought there were funny responses.

I do not think your reply was insulting or racist, I think the OP was, or was very naive to think Chinese roast meat shops would be closed.

eta: perhaps if the OP had asked for location specific recommendations… I read this as…are Chinese style restaurants open on Wed/Thur.

Guilty to the naivety, but was also looking for recommendations :slight_smile:

I would certainly like to try Ming Kee. I miss Chinese BBQ meats.

I don’t live close to SF. So, I plan to go to MK over the year-end holidays. Three questions:

  1. When should I go there to avoid a long line?
  2. Where will I find parking? I know it’s not easy in SF.
  3. How are they implementing their Covid protocols?

I’ve been three times since shelter in place (1-2pm) and have found metered parking on the same block or parked on one of the streets to the north within 3-4 blocks.

In terms of Covid, they keep the door open and do a good job managing customers to stand at one of (IIRC) 4 marked spots of the square entry area. Unlike many other SF businesses, there’s no outdoor dining with unmasked people and the inside configuration isnt rail car-like.

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This isn’t much help now, but for future reference, Daimo in Richmond was open and had roast duck and roasted pork on Thanksgiving. I was able to order online and pick it up 20 minutes later during the dinner rush. Cash or in-person credit card sales only.

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Does Ming Kee or Daimo accept contactless payments? I’d rather not handle cash or let others touch my credit card these days.

Ming Kee does not have contactless payment

Where do you live, Chinese roast meat delis are in other Northern California areas other than SF.

Re credit vs cash… perhaps you should stay home. Maybe the people who staff the restaurant do not have “Chinese virus”. Are you able to pay with cash, perhaps rounding up to the nearest dollar.

The poster didn’t want contact ‘these days’. How did we go from that to what you are inferring, which is very different.


Quick review of my turkey from Cheung Hing (Milbrae location)

… we ordered the small turkey ahead of time… they uhm ran out. I don’t even know how that happened but we got the large turkey to take back. I’ll be having sandwiches for days at this point. The skin wasn’t really crispy nor did it really have any 5 spice characteristic so its… mostly a roast turkey haha.

The white meat was relatively moist, but I still prefer the dark meat.

There’s a random onion in the turkey cavity to help add a bit more flavor I guess?

The most unique aspect might be the gravy they included. The gravy was pretty thick and sweet but had a definite smell of oyster sauce? I probably should have asked what it was lol.

But mm… I didn’t think there was anything super unique about CH’s version and probably try another place if we’re still in pandemic mode next year (… I hope not). I didn’t get any steamed buns or any other extras for the turkey itself. I had a nice cloud fungus soup they made (which I forgot to take a picture), but nothing meal like itself.

@droolingdoggie Ming Kee accepts cash and credit, but there’s a surcharge in the CC if below a certain dollar amount. There is no contactless payment but there is a bottle of hand sanitizer right near the counter area.


Hi there,
I’m not moderator of this board, but was reading the thread. I understand Chinese.
Re: shrinkrap’s question, what was funny. They were talking about getting a soy sauce bird and instead of stuffing like in a turkey, they talked about Chinese cured pork belly sticky rice. I don’t think there is anything racist there.



So, what was “funny”?

There is no thanksgiving equivalent of turkey with stuffing in Chinese, the posters are inventing something, personal humour.

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JMat: Your post implies a personal attack and a racist notion.

acknowledged, I saw the OP as “Chinese Meat Shops” open on Thanksgiving.

Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving. I thought the post was racist or maybe naive.

Thanks, I did not get their humor