Chinese New Year- trip and eats


I’m sporting shorts today. I’ve learned to ignore the sideways incredulous looks. :slight_smile: It was in the 30’s at night last week in Tokyo. I’m enjoying the heck out of this HOT weather. :slight_smile:

Your hus likes this stuff too, huh? I actually do as well, but my 2nd stomach ain’t what it used tho be. Now my wife’s, still going strong.

Wife’s magic. Last October in Beijing. She loves hot, and was raving about the wasabi mustard that was working so well with the boneless duck’s web.

Next thing you know, the chef presents her with a bag of his secret formula sauce mix. Magic!!

( :@)) :@)) ) #62

This advert was everywhere. What’s the new flavour at the moment?

Check out the last of Hong Kong’s neon signs. 90% is gone.


Yes, DH is glutton, sometimes his second stomach works fine, other times, it got him so sick for days that he couldn’t eat on trips.

Envied of the magic tricks of your prized wife, lol.


Nicolas Tse is a famous movie star hosting a popular food/cook program in HK, I guess that’s why McDon hired him for a special recipe.

The losing of neon lights is sad, it’s a signature there. Maybe some LED stuff will be replacing neon one day?


That makes me even more curious. I guess you corrupted the dog?!


Haven’t seen this advert, will keep an eye out. Been kinda wanting to hit a MacD, here in HK, and last week in Japan. More than a few of the Tubers I follow wax on and on about the “only in xxxx” indigenous specials that can only be found in xxx.

We move from Kowloon to HK Island tomorrow, which is more ex-pat centric. I see a Mac in my future. What the hell. Been abroad for two weeks. It’s not like I’m selling out. :slight_smile:

My name is John, and I’m a noodleholic.

Place called “Hong Kong Must Eat”. So we must ate their curry fish balls.

I had a Chicken Mushroom Bao for dessert after my Roast Goose lunch.

My partner couldn’t wait til dark for her second installment at the snack place. She’s like that.

Even money she’s in line at this place again before midnight. “But we’ll be staying across the harbor tomorrow!” will be her rationale for hitting this place thrice within 24 hours. sigh


Don’t worry. There are still skewers in Causewaybay…


no, I was in financial services, we sold our company and riding out a two-year non-compete that ends this month. So I may un-retire into a pt role, mulling it over.

At the dawn of the internet, I partnered with a large manhattan wine retailer to create a retail wine website. My wife ran the site for 10 years, nice perks including wine at cost , free wine travel and tastings.

semi-retired? looks to me like a sweet deal!


Very cool!!

The annual Cannes duty free exhibition was always a nice perk, as was the Las Vegas liquor show.

Hmmmm…maybe I should un-semi-retire and travel on someone else’s dime.


Never seen you write about food in Cannes, or France. That will be great fun to see :stuck_out_tongue: too.



That is @Peech’s blog.


Oh!! Ha! Didn’t realize he was a HO too :joy:
It’s very well written and clear he is very passionate and knowledgeable


Change in venue today. Ubered from touristy Kowloon, through the tube under Fragrant Harbor to Causeway Bay, our new home for CNY week.

Late Sunday afternoon, last full grocery shopping day before the all so important NEW YEAR FAMILY DINNER. Last minute shopping was in full combat mode!!

We firstly fortified ourselves with the quintessential Hong Kong specialty, Won Ton Mein. From the world renowned Mak’s, no less. Thin al dente Alkaline Water Noodles with Shrimp Won Ton that almost pops in your mouth. Nobody does wonton mein like Hong Kong. (Sorry, @klyeoh ). :wink:

Roaring street markets had taken over the streets of Hong Kong Island.

Could not resist the street foods beckoning from all directions. Had to grab some fish/seafood paste cakes to munch later.

I don’t usually indulge in Dim Sum from street venders. Got overruled this time.

Hit a street that was one of the few Dai Pei Dongs still operating in HK. Myriad bubbling tubs of fishes/bivalves/crustaceans that threaten to drain one’s wallet quicker than you can say “how much?” Regardless of the nosebleed cost, will have to play tourist one night and splash some cash.

Wandered around and gawked some more, then retreated back to the calm of our hotel to unbag our goodies and partake.

Hotel management had thoughtfully complimented us with a much appreciated bottle of Prosecco. Bubbles and street chow. Living the life!!

Milkfish and seafood paste patties.

Assorted Dim Sum.

Siu Mai, Meat Balls, Dried Bean Curd wrapped Veggies rolls and Pork Spare Ribs Black Bean Sauce. All surprisingly very good. Almost off a steaming dim sum cart good.

The surprise hit was a mutant Bean Curd roll stuffed with Taro, moist Chicken, Ham and Pig Skin. Very good, almost too busy, but oh so filling.

“Dessert” was Leaf Wrapped Sweet Rice. Also very delicious, with Shitake, Quail Egg and Pork Bits. Super flavorful. We were more than stuffed even before unwrapping this bundle and yet still managed to “force” this thing down. It was that good.

Taking a short nap, rinse, repeat.


Seldom tried street food dim sum, great to know they are fine.

I know you have to still enjoy a Dai Pei Dong meal which in Hong Kong, but it would be a great idea for your next Thai or Vietnamese trip… seafood came mainly from there these days…


No fear, we indulge aplenty while in Thai and the one time in VN. I am admittedly biased, but HK chefs impart that certain subtle touch that just turns on my taste buds.

No plan for Sai Kung or Cheung Chau Island this trip for a blowout seafood feast. Also want to satisfy my curiosity and see if these dpd’s can deliver the goods.


Come to think of it, I recall seeing this exact stand in the exact same location offering dim sum for over ten years. Probably been there way longer than that. His customers are local neighborhood repeaters. His goods gotta be good, or he’d have been long gone.


Given the rent of those places, he better be good.


Do you enjoy other tofu desserts as well?

We revisited a dessert shop in Causeway Bay that we liked last year. Chung So Dessert always had tediously long queues. They recently opened a second shop a mere half block away which cut the wait mercifully.

From time spent in Taiwan and Thailand, I’ve become addicted to Mango desserts. Chung So has a refreshing variety of desserts. Perhaps common in Asia, but not so where I’m from.

Tonight, I got a cool refreshing Sweet Tofu with Mango Soup. My wife ordered hers sans tofu. We both enjoyed and will likely repeat on this visit.


I regretted not getting out to causeway bay for crabs when we were in hong kong. Here’s lauhound from ch review:橋底辣蟹-under-the-bridge-chili-crab-amazing-chili-crab-in-hong-kong/