Chinese New Year- trip and eats


My own personal quirk, always trust a restaurant that has chickens and ducks hanging in the window.

Bowl of pork offal rice soup to start.

Rice noodle rolls. One with minced beef, other with sliced fish.

Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli) with oyster sauce.

The star of the show: pomfret steamed simply. I cook this fish often at home, this is a higher level.

Light lunch today for the two of us. Our company party and banquet in a few hours. Bon appetit!


I flew from ny to singapore with my american client many years ago. I was exhausted and jet-lagged after our long flight and wanted nothing more than shower and sleep. A company driver met us and asked where we wanted to go. I started digging in my briefcase for the name of the hotel but my client said *Lim Chee Guan". I was incredulous, but kept quiet since he was paying the bills. It was so delicious, we have this food in nyc but it’s nowhere close to as good.

Little did I know that after this stop, rather than head to the hotel, we were going directly to a birthday party for the wife of one of the wealthiest men on the island. The food was fabulous and I I had my first (and only) taste of durian birthday cake!

Now, many years later, I’m in singapore, I texted my former client (he’s now my friend) to let him know and included a photo of pork jerky!



Luckily your client friend has insisted.

Just curious, can you bring jerky in your baggage back to US? I have heard stories that they were forbidden.


I hesitate to recommend a restaurant, you obviously are doing very well, but last year, on the suggestion of charles yu, we tried and loved the roast goose at chan kee. enjoy!



that’s funny naf, I was thinking about asking that question here! A quick google search indicates that it’s not allowed:


I do love me some roast goose, tho that’s a delicacy that I don’t chase too often here in Hong Kong. I always do seem to have goose webs at least once or twice per visit.

Thanks for the suggestion. Chan Kee now on the short list this visit.


here’s a photo, the char sui was also to our liking though we didn’t care for their noodles.




I’d always thought jerky was on the no fly list. Was hoping to learn otherwise. I would own my bro in law if I can bring some back to him.

That said. My wife always brings back two large styro cases of frozen aji like fish from our trips to Taiwan. Google says fine, but I was still sweating the first time, but no problemo.

I just hate having to divert through the secondary customs inspection upon arrival SFO. But my wife loves the fish so much that it’s worth the minor hassle. A hundred fish in the freezer keeps her very very happy.



Mail the jerky by slow mail. Usually they arrive. (Of course you don’t indicate it on the parcel.)


You mean mis-represent the item on the packing list/manifest?!?!

In another life, I’d sent many a box of samples abroad listed simply as “office supplies”. Never had my hands slapped (or worse).


We did try to smuggle fish sauce from Vietnam to France, first voyage, we were stopped at the airport. We gave them away to some nice looking girl staff as a gift. (only 2 bottles) Second voyage, we tried post office in Hanoi to send 11 bottles, I put toys as declaration, the women at the post asked me to open the box for examination. She refused the package. We insisted, and she reluctantly asked her supervisor, she said it was fine to send the box, but they had to redo the packaging using “their way”, we paid $10 USD as a fee. They wrapped around every bottle with 2 rolls of toilet paper. I remembered when the package arrived, I need to use half an hour to get rid of all the paper. LOL.


Company CNY dinner last night. Nice trading war stories with colleagues from The Netherlands, Curaçao, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Xinjiang and all over.

A few flutes of Dom Perignon made for a happy Happy Hour.

Our annual dinners are usually hosted at Lei Garden in TST, this year no exception. Lei Garden is perhaps best known for Dim Sum, and we’ve enjoyed a few “working” Yum Cha lunches there. The banquet staff is efficient, courteous and the timing/pacing of courses spot on. I will make a better effort try their regular dinner service some day soon.

Abstained from the lovely assortment of canapés, saving belly real estate for Real Food.

Tonight’s Bill of Fare only in Chinese. Will have to dine without a road map and take what comes may. The horror!!!

Appetizers plate. Good Suckling Pig, zingy Wasabi Octopus and the best bite, an Egg Roll like thingie with a super tasty Mushroom Filling. The green veggie was over salty and did not impress.

Our company banquet planner is quite conservative, so of course, the de rigueur Sha**’s Fin Soup.

Crab served with its Butter. Slivers of crab was juicy and tender, unctuous crab butter would easily stand as a dish on its own.

One of my most lusted after Hong Kong specialties: Goose Web, Abalone and Asparagus (no shitake??). For me, any meal with goose digits qualifies as a feast! :slight_smile:

The XO condiment was especially delicious, overloaded with Conpoy (dried scallops). My wife raved about the sauce, and a jar “magically” appeared for her to take home. Not the first time this magic act has happened, don’t know how she does that.

Plenty of social lubricants to complement the good eats.

Mouton Rothschild ‘98. Clementin de Pape 2010. Martell Creation Cognac. Ragnaud Sabourin Cognac.

There were some Whites and Sauternes floating around, I stuck to the Asian og agenda, Reds & Cognac.

Continued the meal with an excellent Steamed Grouper, somewhat ordinary Roast Chicken, Oysters with Pea Sprouts (dou mew) garnished with Seaweed and last but not least, Shrimp Chow Mein. A neat presentation of noodles fried with shrimp enhanced the fragrance of the crab essence, adorned with the crab shell.

There was dessert. Dessert Soups, Custards, Pastries and of course, Fresh Fruit.

Surprisingly un-hungover today??? Even remember how we made our back to the hotel from the Elements.

Ok, now back to our regular program of wandering the streets and back allies and eating anything and everything that smells and looks delicious. Yay!!!


Man you are killing it over there! I’m ready to sleep and now I’m hungry as hell! Nicely done! I have lots to comment on but for now, keep on going and have a dish or two on me!

@naf I have a beef jerky story . Let me see if I can stay awake. I got searched coming back from Japan with beef jerky and the sniffing dog found it here at jfk airport . He was hungry I think. Lol. They don’t want you bringing this back into the US but the beef I had was actually from the US and left over from my trip… and I bought it here. I probably should not tell the whole story as it involves some things that may be frowned upon. I made out ok though.


Wow, what a feast!
Reminds me of this blog i read on occasion, not even sure how i found it honestly, he is actually located in HK and does a lot of fine dining. Maybe of interest


My wife’s favorite siu yeh (late night snack) at her favorite HK street vender. We always have to search the area in circles before we find this joint, even though she’d taken away from them multiple times. The time was about 11pm, and the queue(s) were spilling into the street. Considering HK drivers, one is risking life and limb for a late night indulgence.

We got some skewers of this and that, some braised innards and some actually delicious stuffed eggplant and bell pepper.

This place offers just about every part of a cow, pig and chicken. Skewered and grilled, braised or baked. Sausages of dubious origin, tentacles of cephalopods, you name it…


While my wife happily joined the bound to be half hour line, I happily ducked into the Circle K next door and picked up three Tsing Taos.

Open containers are perfectly ok in Hong Kong. Happily sucked down a couple while watching the nightlife swirl around me. The Best cheap entertainment!!!


Is your company hiring? It may be worth coming out of retirement just for that meal! :grinning:


I stay semi retired for this very reason. :wink:

I presume you were in the wine trade? With Asia rising and dipping, it’s been crazy.

(saregama) #58

One of my closest friends recently moved to HK and has been nagging me to visit… your pics have me imagining a food itinerary before any thought of flights… thanks for sharing your trip!


More fuel for the fire. :slight_smile:

Random place we walked by, without a crazy Saturday lunchtime line. Not the best, but fills the need.

Roast Goose w/rice, Pork Kidney Congee and Veggie Oyster sauce. Yes.

Beer, of course.


Those skewers! Husband’s beloved, he has tried everything in the photos I believe. I don’t know how he could still have those after formal meals.

Love your wife’s magic skill. LOL.

Is it very warm there now, some people were in short sleeve on the photo?!