CHINESE - Cuisine of the Quarter, Winter 2021 (Jan-Mar)

Wow, @naf that looks incredible!!

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Looks delicious. I’m always impressed when people make their own dumplings. I don’t have the skills for it.


Thanks, I’m sure you can make them too! The biggest problem is it takes a lot of time when one isn’t familiar with the steps.

I made stir-fried beef and celery with fermented black beans last night. Full disclosure: this is a Malaysian, not Chinese, recipe although I imagine there must be a similar recipe in the huge canon of Chinese cuisine. It was delicious! I made half the recipe exactly as written other than using fermented white peppercorns instead of black and using vegan (mushroom-based) “oyster” sauce due to allergies. I will definitely make this again but with a bit more sauce just for personal preference.


Looks amazing.

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Looks Chinese to me, probably Malay Chinese recipe.

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The recipe used fermented black bean, which is more a thing like this. It’s not peppercorn but black beans. And it uses normal normal black pepper, which would be fine with white pepper.



@naf, yes, I used the fermented black beans which I love (I have two bags of them!) and is why the recipe called to me (well and I always have celery) but also used fermented white peppercorns in place of the black peppercorns which upped the umami factor.


Ah I misread. Never tried fermented dried pepper, only fermented fresh black pepper corns, amazing stuff.

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Taiwan beef noodle

Made the fresh noodle as well. The beef was cooked 2+ hours and was extremely tendered. A delight.


Looks great! Did you use a recipe?

I always want to make dim sum.

Pork ribs with black beans and chili, cooked with steam. This one the taste was close. I know … it wasn’t a dim sum portion!

Beef meatball with bean curd (山竹牛肉)
I added dry mandarin peel and lemon zest and it has the fruity flavour but a bit too dominating, I didn’t add enough fat, so I the meatballs were a bit dry even with the water chestnuts and coriander. I feel the taste of this dish was a bit far of what I had in mind.

If anybody has a recipe to share… thanks.


Thanks. Yes! Here’s the recipe, the beef stew and the fresh noodle as well. The recipe proposed hand cut and I used the Marcato machine instead. First time I make a noodle/pasta dough without egg, but everything went well. If you’re interested in noodle making, try to find a wheat flour with higher force, those suitable to make Italian pasta, for example.


@naf I want to dive into that bowl. It looks amazingly delicious!!

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High durum wheat, grown in Arizona would be good! Who would have thought, but @bbqboy posted about it! A lot of it gets exported to Italy in fact.

BTW, everything looks great, and I’ll be happy to come visit you when I get my vaccine passport! :rofl:

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LOL! Thx.

One of the biggest problem in France, they don’t specify the flour strength, the W index, but only the grain finesse. A flour that is coarse doesn’t mean the strength is high. I failed in my earlier tries with pasta, ravioli wrapper, they broke easily.

BTW, do you mind showing me the link that @bbqboy talks about the high durum wheat in AZ? Thx.

Thanks! Will definitely make it again.

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I made some Xi’an beef potsticker dumplings following a recipe from Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop. I also found it here:

They came out pretty well but I think the filling could have used a little more salt. I should have fried some up to test beforehand.


Also smacked cucumber on the side

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