Chinatown seafood dinner - advice please [Chinatown, NYC]

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Trying to decide among Fuleen, Oriental Garden, Ping’s, or somewhere else.

Small group of 5 or 6, don’t want to break the bank but want to order lobster and fish, plus a couple of other things to complete the meal.

Any recent experiences or advice?

Also curious what a lobster order costs in Chinatown these days - would be good to know before the check hits.


Do you still post on Chowhound?

Haven’t been to Fuleen in years, but it was always good whenever we went. Oriental Garden is also very good, but it can easily get very expensive, depending on what you order. We had a great meal at Wu’s Wonton King last year. It might fill the bill.

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Thanks for the feedback - any recommendations at Wu’s?


Sorry, I cannot remember what it was that we ate, but there were 5 of us, and everyone liked everything. One thing we had was meat-filled dumplings. I do remember that we should have ordered two portions!


Their shrimp dumplings are excellent. I liked the oysters with ginger and scallion as well, although I haven’t had this dish enough times to know whether Wu’s version is better than average.