Chicken wing rub/seasoning: your favorites?

What are your favorites folks? Winter is almost here so it is “oven time” for me. I’m wondering what your favorites are…store bought or your own blend.

Just hickory-smoked salt and some fresh cracked pepper - really simple and good.

I also love to use Wise Sons’ Brisket Rub on chicken, pork, and any cut of beef. Not sure if it’s available outside of the SF Bay Area Wise Sons’ delis though…

Salt and pepper rules

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Trader Joe’s Sambal Matah is great. I put my wings in a gallon baggie and add a couple of tbs of that stuff and let marinate in the fridge for an hour or eight. Bake at 450 for thirty minutes turn and pull when done. I like mine on the crispy side.

Also chipotle powder and celery salt.

Black pepper, garlic and salt. (Always salt!).

Ginger, cilantro and soy sauce.

Yellow Thai Curry Sauce.

I love wings.

Edited to add that the local carnicerias sell wings premarinated with Valentina’s hot sauce. It’s almost ubiquitous.

Something completely different, perhaps.

Fish sauce, finely minced lemongrass and chilli flakes. Might want to add some booze or some sort of liquid so that the lemongrass and chilli flakes stick to the wings. Best to let the whole thing marinate for a while first.

Honey and Old Bay seasoning. It’s sweet and spicy.

Thanks for the ideas everyone.

Hmmmm that fish sauce idea sounds pretty interesting.

On the Asian theme topic, a bbq place near me does these Vietnamese style wings that are smoked, and then flash fried. They have this slight citrus taste along with with smoke, a tiny bit of heat and some good crispy skin texture…oh and team that crushed peanuts. It’s a pretty complex wing and I really like them.

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I actually do a 50/50 old bay and Adobo mix on wings I’m going to do for parties with gas grills. It is super easy to make, takes a minute to prep and people love them. Just coat the wings lighty with some oil and coat with half old bay and adobo…good combo. Old bay can be overpowering for some people so this mix tones it down a little but adds some good salty/spicy flavor.

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I use Alton Brown’s fried chicken spice. Recipe here:

I’m bumping this one up. I think the snow is finally over and I’m ready to grill :slight_smile:

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Rock and Roll :guitar: Easter :hatching_chick:

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