Chicken or Veal Valdostana

Chicken Valdostana (also known as chicken alla Valdostana, Cotoletta Valdostana), originating in Val D’Aosta in Northern Italy, is my new favourite takeout item from Eataly’s refrigerated food to reheat at home section ($10.90 Canadian for one chicken cutlet , an Eataly bargain to me when 10 McD’s McNuggets run around $8 Cdn, and this is so much more delicious )

I am surprised it has only had 4 mentions since HO was created in 2015! Fontina and prosciutto and breaded cutlet. In the same family as Chicken Cordon Bleu and Franz Josef Schnitzel, but I like this version the best. The one at Eataly has the cheese melted on top.

Here is Lidia’s recipe