Chicken Murphy, tried and true preparation

P.S…I used red potatoes for their sweetness to balance out the spice.

I wish I’d thought of that!

Okay this in my take, peeking under the lid while it all melds in its own gravy. Came together in an hour with taters done in oven for color then added to pot. I only added red roasted peppers. Using frying peppers in another dish during the wk. Dry sherry and veg broth in the gravy with a bit of roasted garlic, thyme and oregano. Salted as I went.

Still early in the pot.


I found mine a rather bland dish. My buddy’s Mother makes a much more flavorful gravy.

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What kind of peppers did you use? As mentioned, I think vinegar cherry peppers are the ticket with this dish (at least with the versions I have had)

The video was cool. He uses BG peppers which I like and they have a strong vinegar profile. I like his recipe a lot. I’d personally go with crumbled sausage, but his take on it would resemble mine, minus the pasta. I need to try to make this one day.

I saw you said frying peppers but just wondering what you used. To me this dish revolves around tangy vinegar. I think that’s the backbone of the murphy style flavor.

I used a jarred red roasted pepper in a vinegar brine. I think I would prefer this recipe without chicken. The blandness for me was the chicken pieces. Maybe what Phreddy used, bone in thigh meat, would have been more to my liking.

If you do try it I will be interested in your results.

I would tend to agree, as I used my own pickled Jalapeño peppers, that I adjust the vinegar/salt/sugar. I tend to find the prepared peppers containing more sugar than I like. As for the wine, I used a dry white, to balance the sweetness of the root vegetables.
As I noted the flavors were predictable, but the next time I think I will use both sweet and hot sausages, or might even use Chorizo for a little smoky depth.

Here, to honor the (sub)title of this thread, are my “tried and true” versions. I’m astonished that there aren’t more comments on this dish. Really, apart from the accidental discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation at Bell Labs, and Einstein’s conversations at Princeton with Kurt Godel on the nature of time, has anything better come out of New Jersey?

I first heard of the dish from Le Boite, the spice emporium in NYC. Their recipes evolve over time, and their current one heavily involves their propriety spice blends. My current version has chicken (duh) thighs (bone-in, skin-on), sausage (usually hot Italian), mushrooms, potatoes, artichoke hearts, and crucially a jar of pepperoncini and a few red cherry peppers. I fiddle each time – it’s a forgiving dish (and so far Tony Soprano hasn’t come after me) – but always terrific.

After the three great NJ things I’ve mentioned above, all you’re left with is Jersey Shore. Stick with the Murphy.