Chicken and waffles (NJ)

Cheek’s Chicken & Waffles in Ford
Broad St. Diner in Keyport
and ofcourse Drews

Bumping this up. I think this weekend I might give the keyport dish a shot.

Anything new on the chicken and waffle front folks?

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My favorite is still at Cardinal Provisions in Asbury Park!

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Haven’t been yet, but been meaning to try the chicken and waffles from Marcus B&P in Newark and Modine in Asbury Park.

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When I was at Modines there were no chicken and waffles on the menu. Maybe when they start their brunch they will have it. Best to call ahead to find status of brunch and menu items.

Brunch menu doesn’t have them on it either

Think I confused it with chicken and biscuits :facepalm:


I saw chicken and waffles on the brunch menu at 26 West on the Navasink in RB yesterday. I didn’t try it but I did see it come out and it looked hearty and delicious.

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How as their brunch overall? Is it strictly menu items or do they have a buffet option also?

No buffet option. They have 2 menus one with breakfast, one with lunch. We both had sandwiches, split a salad and a bottle of wine (:grin:) and my husband had an espresso. I think after tip it was $100? The wine was $40. I really like the space. Even for a gloomy, rainy day it is bright with a lovely view of the river.

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I’m a fan of the space as well, I’m just hoping it doesn’t “sell out” to the Red Bank crowd as so many good restaurants seem to do. Time will tell.

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So TST BBQ has a new chicken and waffle sandwich. It is two thighs Panko coated along with their gospel rub and two sugar maple waffles. 7.00

My cousin gave it an 8 out of ten and said the chicken was spot on with crispiness. I ended up trying 3 different tacos since they were out of burnt ends.

This picture is awful but…

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TST? Where’s that?

It’s actually a mini golf course and BBQ place on rt36 in the leonardo part of middeltown. I will be trying that sandwich soon

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If that is not a HO worthy description, I don’t know what is. Lookin for love in all the wrong places.


I would have to say Simply Southern in Belmar would probably be the most authentic. While I didn’t order it when I ate there, I would certainly trust them with that dish.

I don’t know about chicken and waffles, but how about Charlie Waffles?

Well the Giants won tonight. I saw a commercial and I’m wondering how this will be. Kfc puts out some decent chicken so I definitely want to try this

I read this article on here a while back. I’m not sure what thread it was from but the KFC reminded me of this…interesting read

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