Chicken and waffles (NJ)

Who has some good suggestions? My friend just sent me this from Porcini

“It’s back!! Chicken and waffles- confit chicken thighs, over a cheddar
cheese waffle, spinach, vanilla butter, and sriracha maple syrup. Last
time we ran this as a special we sold out and our customers who had
Chris’s chicken and waffles left their phone numbers to have us call
them when we have it again! Don’t miss this dish!”

Drews does a great dish and Gaslight is another rendition that I like

Funny you bring up this topic, Johnny. We were just talking about it the other day. A friend mentioned the version offered at Simply Southern in Belmar( ), reminding me that it’s been a long time since I’ve had any. Though, truth be told, I did have a terrific riff on it made with quail at some point last year.

Not sure how I feel about a cheddar cheese waffle, and am I missing the spinach? (based on the pic provided) Truthfully I don’t care for the look of the chicken either…{{shrugs}} if you have it certainly report back. I’ve never noticed it on Drew’s menu, but it’ nothing I would ever order so I could have just overlooked it.

The Brickhouse has a version, someone in my family has gotten it and found it to be good. That’s all I have to offer on the topic.

@NotJr, Here’s the “sample” menu on Drew’s website. Under Seasonal Main Plates, the chicken and waffles is the third one down. Based on his postings on Facebook, he does change it up. The latest iteration is Chicken & Waffles V-4.0:
Buttermilk Marinated Chicken Breast, Cheddar-Scallion Waffle, Andouille Cream Gravy. Haven’t had his chicken and waffles. In fact, we haven’t been to Drew’s in more than a year.

Btw, I saw on his Facebook page that next Wednesday, January 20th, he’s collaborating with Pascal & Sabine on what they’re calling a “Dirty French Dinner Party.” 5 courses. $85 + tax and gratuity. Here’s the menu:

  1. Smoked Duck Salad – mustard greens, kumquat, spiced pecans, cane syrup vinaigrette
  2. Fried Oyster Gumbo – tasso ham, okra, filé powder
  3. “Dirty” Spaetzle – hedgehog mushroom, beef marrow emulsion
  4. Sazerac-Glazed Pork Belly – ‘pimento cheese’ grits, tabasco gastrique
  5. Café Brûlot Bread Pudding

There still may be some seats available. P&S are handling the reservations.

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@mz simply southern has been on my radar for a while. I just havent gotten there. Have you tried it?

@NotJrvedivici yeah I dont know about the spinach either but the message from my friend just reminded me that I might be missing out on a few dishes locally. Is that brickhouse in neptune?

@rgr that version sounds good. The last one I had was a half bird with jalapeno maple jus. It was just missing some bacon strips and it would have been a true ten.

This sounds great… Sazerac-Glazed Pork Belly – ‘pimento cheese’ grits, tabasco gastrique

Yes it’s the Neptune location, my daughter works in the outlets directly behind them so Brickhouse has become somewhat of a regular meeting place. The place for being what it is, isn’t all that bad, you can’t beat the prices. I’ve had the lamb burger, duck wings and other dishes that I have really enjoyed.

I guess I’ve just scanned over it at Drew’s, thanks for pointing it out. I haven’t been to Drew’s in a little while either, for as much as I do enjoy his food, the menu just get’s old quick. Also, I was there on the 4th of July this year (actually you get a good view of fireworks from his dining room) and had a very enjoyable meal. However his meal(s) are very heavy, the sauces etc. that when we left and walked into the hot, muggy New Jersey in July weather I was soooooo uncomfortable. After that Drew’s has become a cold weather destination. Just my experience.

Thanks also for sharing the collaboration, looks interesting, please let us know if you attend.

@NotJrvedivici Holy crap. DUCK wings?!? Tell me more!!! Also: Chowhound. :slight_smile:

Yep! Little ducky drumsticks fried nice and crispy in their signature BBQ sauce. It was served with some side sauce which I don’t remember, they were good. Surprisingly rather neutral in flavor, don’t know if the sauce drowned it out, but certainly not gamey or oily, just pretty good. Larger than chicken wings maybe only 4 or 5 to the order. Try them!

Gonna have to…I LOVE duck. Thx!!

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Do you know the location? It’s not far from you at all, they have a few interesting dishes, great beer selection too if that’s your thing.

Tip; do NOT go during a football game, very crowded VERY loud!

Thx for the tips! Not a big beer drinker (I’d rather have bourbon or vodka or wine…leaves room for food) :slight_smile:

I know the general area where it is…been spending a lot of time at the Home Depot on 66 since the move!

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@NotJr, It was a learning experience, but here’s how we deal with eating at Drew’s. We start fairly light, i.e., sharing the Southwestern salad (Love it!) and one appetizer, because Drew rarely fails to send out an extra first course. When it comes to mains, jambalaya is Mr. RBI’s favorite dish there. No matter how often he says before we leave the house that he’s going to order something else, he can’t pass it up. As you know, it’s humungous! Since jambalaya is not my thing, we can’t share, so he eats not too much of it and we doggie bag the rest. I vary my main course choice but I always end up taking half home. When it comes to dessert, we order one to share because, again, Drew usually sends out a second one. Using this method keeps us from leaving stuffed and uncomfortable.

Until recently, we’d never had fried chicken and waffles. And Mr. RBI had never even heard of it. A few week ago in NYC, we had brunch at Craftbar (our first time there) and ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles. Wow! It was delicious! When we get around to going back to Drew’s, I will certainly try it there. From the photo, it looks huge, so maybe Mr. RBI will forego the jambalaya and share it. But I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

We’ll not be attending the collaboration dinner. We don’t like pork belly, but even it we did, we’ll be just about to begin a major dining itinerary in NYC in celebration of Mr. RBI’s 75th birthday.

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Finally got a chance to sit down in Simply Southern and try the C&W. I’d certainly recommend both the dish and the place. I went in for dinner both stone cold sober and still full from lunch only two hours earlier, and still cleaned my plate.

On the minus side, I failed to ask for only dark meat. Chicken breasts just don’t really do it for me.

Plus side - the Sriracha maple syrup.

I went there last Friday. We had a good time. Started with the sweet potato hush puppies, which I loved. The fried catfish appetizers were really good, with a panko breading that made them really crisp. We also got the sweet and spicy winglets. The sauce was very tasty.

Ironically, we all got the fried chicken, which I got all dark meat. It was drizzled with a tiny bit of honey, the meat was juicy and the crust was tasty and crisp. Each entree comes with two sides, but I love tasting everything so I chose three. The cabbage was nice, the candied yams were a little too heavily spiced for me, and the collard greens were fabulous!

We didn’t have room for dessert, but there was a table who came in only for the waffle dessert and they were really enjoying it.

It was cold that night. I wish they had a small vestibule to that every time the door opened we didn’t get a big blast of cold air. That was my only complaint.

We’ll be back!

Oh, and the tiny cornbread muffins, hot out of the oven. Northern style with a bit of sugar! I love my carbs, and these were perfection.

Put Simply Southern on your list, really!

Went looking for a (different) old thread and saw this one, so I thought I’d bump it up and put in my vote for the spectacular chicken and waffles at Cardinal Provisions.

Full report here: Cardinal Provisions, Asbury Park

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Well I know the thread days NJ but the best I’ve had are at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn:

Bumping this one up. I suddenly got the craving this morning so let’s hopefully get some new suggestions

If you want them for breakfast I heartily second @CurlzNJ rec for Cardinal Provisions in Asbury Park.