Chicken and scallops sticking to pan


I used my Staub cast iron pans to pan fry chicken with skin and scallops. In both cases, the protein stuck to the pan, even though I heated the pan ggradually and waited till the oil was hot. What can I do to prevent sticking? Thanks.

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I’ve learned to lower the heat . I cook chicken low and slow . I don’t know where all this extreme hot pan cooking came from . It’s never worked for me .


I’d always been taught hot pan, cold fat. I heat the pan, add my oil/butter and then the protein straight away.

I also used to tell my customers/students that proteins, especially chicken, will tell you you when they are ready to be turned as the fibers shrink away from the pan as they cook. If you try to turn it and it sticks it’s not ready to turn. It’s not foolproof but works in many cases.


What MsBean said. Patience. Leave any protein alone; do not touch for much longer than you think necessary. It (meats and eggs) will release when ready.

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Agree with you and @MsBean. Though obviously I am not the original poster, one circumstance in which this sometimes doesn’t work as well for me is with my electric stove.

With my old gas stove, I could turn down the flame when a protein threatened to burn before it was ready to turn. With the electric stove either I must remove the pan from the hot burner, flip the protein somewhat too soon to unstick fully, or pray. Usually all three.

That’s the one, um, sticky circumstance for me. Not a fan of the electric stove that came with our house, can you tell?


Totally agree but we’d all better get used to the idea of all electric kitchens as many municipalities are prohibiting natural and bottled gas in future construction and possibly renovation.


FWIW, I never use my Staub for frying eggs or anything that requires non sticking. Braising is what Staub does best. (I have a few Staub pieces)


If I ever get to swap out our (standard) electric stove I want to give induction a chance.


Staub frying pans do have a non-stick finish, but not a slick teflon finish.

I have used induction in several vacation rental apartments and found that there is definitely a learning curve in their use, much longer than the one week I had to experiment! Found it best to eat out.

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Olive oil + butter help me when I’m scrambling or frying eggs. I prefer olive oil only though find that adding a dab of butter works out better for me.

I don’t know the science-y reason it works but there has to be one. (Off topic aside: Happy that you are enjoying your trip to Mexico!)

Yes, as others have said I have learned that even though it is counterintuitive, if a protein is sticking, you should just leave it until it loosens. It lets you know when it wants to be turned.