The truth is, I rarely eat fast food at all.

Twice a year I grab a couple of Jack In The Box tacos, (they had been 2 for $0.99 for as long as I can remember but my local store recently raised the price to 2 for $1.19). Blasphemy!

And about twice a year, I get a two piece, spicy box from my local Popeye’s. Seriously, that’s about it. I don’t really even eat pizza out any more.

But a few days ago I was out wandering the wilds and began feeling a tad peckish and noticed a Chick-Fil-A literally right there. So I popped in and ordered a Spicy Deluxe Sandwich. Nothing else.

They were handing me my order before I had even sat down after retrieving my napkins, S & P. You know what? It was damned good. The lettuce was crisp and fresh, the tomato slice was ripe, the bun was soft, and the chicken was whole meat, (not a pressed patty) and piping hot.

I have to admit it was not at all what I was expecting.

Stupid cheap, too. I’ll do that again.

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$1.19 for two tacos. I’d have to burn the place down.

My go to Chick-Fil-A order is two sandwiches no pickles, (fresher and hotter), and throw away most of the bread. The Wifeacita prefers the strips.

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I tried it once. Aside from being way too salty for my taste, and the bun being a waste of sawdust and chemicals, it was passable. That was before Dan Cathy was known to support homophobia. There was some backpedalling when large cities refused to grant franchises because of this, but too little, too late, not to mention the hypocrisy of it all. This is one heterosexual whose business he will never again get.


Meh. He’s entitled to his opinions AND to serve me tasty cheap sammiches.

I’m pro gay marriage personally. I can’t see what harmful difference it makes to anyone. But I still liked his sandwich.


We don’t have Jack in the Box here. And even though we do have Popeye’s, I’ve never tried one (nor have I ever wandered into a Taco Bell). I do admit that once every 2-3 years I drive thru McD’s for an order of fries.

Pizza is reserved for delivery on days when there is either nothing in the house to cook or we’re hungry and don’t want to cook.

But I agree on Chick-Fil-A. I like their spicy sandwich and their grilled sandwich, their waffle fries aren’t bad and the service is always the best in fast food. Maybe it’s because I only go on two occasions: mom in the hospital or house is out of power that I appreciate the service.

Like @DoobieWah I respect the owner’s right to his religious views.


I tried it once and found it salty, standard, and overpriced. And the roll is mushy.

I’m not a fast food person and this did not convince me.

And as @greygarious said, the homophobic viewpoint of the overlord is not something I’m comfortable supporting. He can have his opinion, but I don’t feel like supporting it with my dollars. Plenty of other fast food chicken out there.


I can’t support the homophobe (and potentially other things) and won’t … even less likely to in our current political climate.


I’m sure the gay manager who served me appreciates your support.


I’m sure he does too.


Gay ex-boss and gay co-worker love the place. Gay ex-boss gave us gift cards at Christmas. Thank you big E!!!


Perhaps there’s a Food law at work here: tasty chicken trumps social causes, no matter how personal the objection might be.
This seems the same conflict driving the Piggy Park BBQ controversy for decades.
I’ve got no Chick-fil-A near me so I can’t even try it to see whether the social crime would be worth the sandwich.


Religious views, thank-you. Pizza, I just made a Chef Boyardee pizza in a box. We were talking about cooking at work and this was the first thing I ever cooked as a child. I had a dream about it last night so I shelled out 2.69 and added some fresh parm and mozzarella.

It was pretty good.


I’m lost.

I was responding to gaffk.

No problem. That thread drift was awe inspiring, even for my disconnected brain. Congratulations. :slight_smile:


I’ll give you the Rahm Emmanuel point - the rest of the post is just poor logic.

I wasn’t going to give them my business ever, then I saw this:

I did get a spicy chicken sandwich one day when I was famished, and it was good.


How is it poor logic? I noticed that my post was flagged. Are people that sensitive?

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UNot flagged by me but have a feeling big chunks are going to be removed because we’ve ventured so far away from chic fil a.

Poor logic because all religions do horrible things if we look worldwide. Christians in Africa (and I’d argue even here in the USA) have done plenty of horrible things - advocating for the death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda (which would have passed if not for international pressure and is now just life in prison - to outright killings in other countries) to running a world wide pedophilia ring, including here in the USA.

Edit: So to jump from a very specific discussion discussion about chic fil a’s involvement in the USA’s political spectrum to ban all muslim’s is pretty poor logic.

In general chic fil a put themselves in the middle of this controversy and I hope that the protests against them are the beginning of people being more conscious of the impact of their spending. And with the Citizens United ruling and other changes to political fundraising rules, that will become more important.


A reminder- please focus the discussion on the food, not the politics. Political discussions are out of scope on this forum.