Chick-fil-A ........You're not welcome here.


Interesting article. I posed this question before, but I don’t think anyone responded. Do you think this backlash from the gay community is fueling the fire? Chick fil A is annihilating the competition. 3rd in the world. That is mind boggling. I wish they would go public but we will never see that day.


I would give my opinion but it would be deleted as too political.


There is a Chik fil A near my office that is wildly popular with my coworkers, but as a gay man I won’t partake in the love fest. I don’t protest them and I don’t chastise people who spend their money there, but I’m not comfortable patronizing them myself. I also don’t eat at Cracker Barrel, and I haven’t bought Barrilla pasta in several years. I try to be rational about all of this, but if I’m presented with choices I will select the one that doesn’t have the bad juju.


I don’t get the question. What fire? Asking the question makes me feel like you are harboring a different reason than put out in the article …


I’m interested in whether the Brits like the sandwich or the concept is too foreign.
I understand the swirl of controversy.

There are several businesses who put themselves in the news on issues I take exception to, but for all businesses, I spend there or don’t if I like their product. Otherwise, It’d be too much to keep up with. I’m not a huge fan of CFA, I’ve had two in the past couple of years, mostly because of the playground for the toddlers, but around here, most have traffic cops out of necessity at peak meal times.

As understand it, the corporation has given money to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Salvation Army for support of youth, and the rest has pretty much been extrapolated from the donations.


Only if you disagree, Midlife. :zipper_mouth_face:


By fire I meant their huge success in the past few years. This could be a case where even bad publicity is good publicity.

As a person in the U.K., i don’t understand what you’re asking. It’s a fast food place that serves chicken. What’s not to get?

the politics of the place, on the other hand…

How so? Did you read the article? The first restaurant in the U.K. was shut down in eight days because of the foul politics of the chain’s owners. Do you really think that kind of “popularity” will encourage other shopping centres to give a space to this? I mean, post Brexit who know what the state of us will be, (and maybe local Salvation Army charity shops will support pop-up Chik-fil-A ) but there’s nothing here that helps me to make sense of your comment.

They are doing amazingly well. One store is a drop in the bucket.


We’re talking about Britain, mate. Not sure what this has to do with the case shared here. (Plus, no one said a restaurant in Reading would make or break them.)

Are Southern Fried chicken places that serve it on sandwiches that common in your part of the world?
I had no idea.
Do y’all have a lot of soul food dives too?
Cool :sunglasses:

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Soul food not so much— fried chicken sandwiches yes. (I have possibly too many options just outside my door).

You’d need to ask the people of Reading - a smallish town with a population of about 163k. But, as far as I can see, the press reports indicate the closure seems to be entirely related to the LGBT protest. So, good for them - proof that direct action can work quickly and effectively.

FWIW, the UK is very well endowed with chicken places - whether independent takeaways or the ubiquitous KFC. And that’s without including Reading’s two Nando’s outlets.


True. My theory is that all of these activists get their story on the news and it is free advertising for CFA. Bad publicity is probably working in their favor. Again, just my theory.


Well, let’s hope this is their first and last attempt at setting up here.


My guess is they learned their lesson.

Not really. I’m not sure who the target audience might be. You do get the occasional Caribbean or African place catering to the local black community. For example: