CHEESE: Challerhocker

I had the good fortune of trying Challerhocker for the first time. It’s described as a Swiss cheese that is washed in wine for less than a year. Very firm, nutty and sweet in flavor. It stands alone in flavor I had not tasted before. I liked the nuttiness of it, but found it a little sweet for my liking. I much prefer a good aged Gruyere.

One of my favorite cheeses. I found it to be very complex in flavor.

Been a while since I had it, but I don’t remember it being overly sweet, and I’m pretty sensitive to sweetness.

PS: The name means “basement squatter”.

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When it first started appearing in the stores here (Zurich), the claim was that a few rounds of cheese had been forgotten/overlooked in the basement. They tasted it, they liked it, they marketed it.

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