Char Siu Sauce?

Would you make your own or buy a bottled one?

If bottled can you recommend a brand?

would appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ve made char siu before using the Momofuku cookbook recipe for the sauce. It was pretty easy to put together. Recipe is here:

Char Siu recipe from Momofuku

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I generally use the Lee Kum Kee brand for Chinese sauces. A jar of its char siu sauce currently sits in the cupboard.

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Thank you both, appreciate it

I have done both. I think it is a better of (1) does the char siu sauce play an important role in your dish, and (2) is your preference of char siu sauce very different than the commercial one. Overall, Lee Kum Kee brand of char siu sauce is not bad. It isn’t as red as others, so if you really want your finishing dish to be red, you will need to use a different brand or add your own coloring.

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Are you roasting your own char siu? :slight_smile:

I personally consider rubbing a char siu sauce on a piece of pork and then eaten to be different from rubbing char siu sauce and then roasting the pork, which is the kind of char siu sold in real Cantonese restaurants. That’s a different discussion, though.

I have made my own char siu sauce and the jarred sauce

have to admit the only thing missing is the red color !

Well I have to say when I see red char siu sauce I get uneasy because its just unnecessary color I am eating. I’d rather eat brownish char siu sauce!

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For me, a little red is ok. The kind of bright red scares me.

So something like this level of red is ok with me.

Something like this… starts to have a negative feeling…




I totally agree, that is scary red.

I have to say this char siu looks real good, though it seems like a fair bit of work.

If you end up making your own sauce, do you freeze the leftovers?

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