Char-Kol Freehold

That would be Fonda Bahia de Acapulco, our go-to place on those rare occasions we find ourselves in Freehold.


Yes it is👍

Hmm Spanish? How far up the block? Don Pepe?

Steve poor description of the place I believe it’s a South American cuisine not Spanish. I am admittedly ignorant with southern America’s cuisines. Don Pepe? Maybe?

Ok fine Steve you shamed me into doing the heavy lifting here and actually Google something for myself like a big boy.

Don Pepe’’s Peruvian Restaurant!

Yo es mucho ignorante’ ! Lol Apologies


Hahaha no harm no foul whatsoever.
Figured it was Don Pepe ate there once haven’t been back in years.
Must admit I was hoping you guys had some super secret sangria slinging spot Oh well I can dream.
Sorry if I made you crazy.

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Not at all my friend, happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

Same to you :wine_glass:

With a steakhouse called Char already in the area, I’m surprised that they are going with this name. I can’t imagine the operators of Char being too pleased with it. I watch that steak bounce on their website and think “rubber.” Looks like a squirrel falling belly up out of a tree.


Good god what a vomit inducing phrase.

Call me a debbie downer but what’s with the name of this place??? I feel like these guys need a reality check but then what do I know.


The wife was down ill, so rather than cancelling I grabbed the 14 year old. Here’s his review:

Seats: Next to bathroom no view- 1/10

Bread: Warn with an interesting charred outside, smoky flavor and nice whipped garlic butter- 5/10

Pasta Flight: Ravioli: Good texture and the short rib filling was nice, Manicotti: Not sure what the filling was didn’t enjoy, Other pasta shrimp: Didn’t try can’t say- 4/10

Oysters: Didn’t try 0/10

Filet Mignon: Good color in the middle but the outside was very charred, too well done and overwhelmed the flavor of the steak- 7/10

Mashed Potatoes: Some of the best mashed potatoes I have had at a restaurant not chunky excellent flavor- 9/10

Mac n Cheese: Also a really good side I liked the bread crumbs and was very tasteful- 8/10

Pork Chop: My dads dinner didn’t try- 0/10

Dessert: No good options (only 3 choices) 0/10

Service: Helpful and nice waiter, food did come a little slow but not to long of a wait- 9/10

Overall: We were sat relatively quickly although it was next to the bathrooms, our waiter was very nice and checked on us often, the appetizers that I tried were only okay but my dad said what he had was good, the main course was good I got the filet mignon which wasn’t cooked evenly although it didn’t affect the taste too much, we got the mac n cheese and mashed potatoes which were both excellent and I would definitely get again. The design and atmosphere of the restaurant were cool but they only played loud EDM music which I thought wad odd. Overall I would rate Char-kol a- 8.2/10 which means it lands in the go back category and recommend category.


Wow 8.2 I didn’t see that coming honestly. You had me thinking more the 7 range, glad they did enough right. Going to keep on my radar!

I enjoy your rating scale!! Thanks for the review.

Not my review or scale but that of my 14 yr old, but thx.


Even better!

Love it :smiley:

Solid 14 year old review and the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes fall exactly where I thought they would.


Love your 14yo’s review. The description of the steak was great also; noting that the char overwhelms the flavor.
On a side note, my 13 yo has been eating raw oysters for years, not sure if that’s a good thing or not since he has no concept of how much this stuff cost and every oyster he eats is one less i get :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Great review by the kid! Very thoughtful and fun to read their perspective.


Thanks for the review. A few friends have also been and have really liked it.
I’m headed there in a couple weeks on a Sat night so we’ll see how the acoustics are…hearing that the loud music makes conversation a challenge…will report on all after my visit.

The patio is now open too per their IG page…

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