Char-Kol Freehold

In downtown freehold, across from Aurum…BYO!!!

Opening this week from what I hear…menu looks very solid (but no prices listed which I don’t like and makes me a bit suspicious)

The space looks great and I heard that the food was excellent at the friends/family soft opening…looking fwd to trying it soon.

Please update here with a review if you dine and I’ll do the same. I have a reservation next month.

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I am wondering how they will handle parking.
That lot adjacent to the building is cratered like the moon & not adequate for the tenants prior to taking on Char Kol. Hopefully I will be trying this place shortly.

Yeah, I’ve been curious about this place for a while now. I will certainly give it a try, but I can tell you, regardless of how much of a carnivore I am, I find absolutely NOTHING appetizing about the slow-mo video of that steak “dropping” on the web site.

Was there another steakhouse at this location a dozen years ago? For some reason I remember hearing about a steak place at/around here, however I can’t recall if it was this “before” the pandemic I heard about, or if I’m confusing this with the previous steak place that was here.

(guess this is the post-covid brain fog they talk about lol)


It’s funny you say that about the steak on the home page…i was thinking to myself–that steak doesn’t look so good!

I had to look it up…but it did “ring a bell”. You are right…South Street Steak house…it was down the street from where Char Kol is… i don’t believe South Street Steak lasted very long…closed ~2010


Interesting…lol Well regardless of the prior incarnation I do plan on trying this place sooner vs. later.
Glad I’m not the only one to find that dropping steak to be unappetizing.

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My guess is that most will try to park in the lot behind Aurum/American Hotel.

It’s a cluster FK from Thursday thru Saturday can’t imagine what a horrible situation parking will be.
Another impressive job by downtown association.

Yep, it sure is. Kind of like RB…but at least RB has a couple garages and a bunch of lots!

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Love this observation about the slow-mo steak - 1000% agree. I was able to snag a ressie for a Sat night in a few weeks. Will report back if another HO hasn’t reported sooner.

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Love the “cratered like the moon” reference to the parking lot. Hopefully someone finally removed all the shattered mirror glass that used to surround Char-Kol’s building.

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And just look at those prices!

I was very familiar with the ownership of the former steak house that was a few doors down.
They had installed some really high end ovens & at the last minute one of my friends pulled out after the other guy screwed him on something. Since then my friend has a feature F.U. Steak as a special from day 1. Try Solo across the street. Good solid food.
The other guy became a Veterinarian soon after the place closed.
The lesson here is they were charging NYC prices & couldn’t attract the people who would pay those prices in downtown Freehold.
Hopefully these guys can make it.

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Based off website this place should Be called “we heard butcher block was doing well”


I guess it has happened, I am old. Staring at double nickels in a month and there is zero on that splash page that appeals to me. From the limp, bouncy steak to the over the top, profesionally lit, uber fit, hipster kitchen staff.

The menu does look nice though.

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Or Gabriella’s West.

No liquor license so hopefully Gabriella’s kitchen without the draw of the liquor license crowd would be nice. I do really like Gabriella’s food, just the scene later at night gets on my nerves.

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Nice ? Maybe but if that’s okay menu my friend George‘a place across the street Solo has a great steak special every day & from his Charcuterie board to his potato pizza & seafood & pasta entrees an excellent spot for over 15 years.
Try his homemade potato chips drenched in Gorgonzola cheese as an appetizer. I know Italian food and this place is my go to bi weekly spot.

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I’ll have to remember that, I’m sooooo over The Metro and American Hotel as the only game in town. While I appreciate Aarzu that’s not a good business dining option.

Yes I find American Hotel subpar quality food & haven’t had a thought of going to Metropolitan Cafe in over a decade. BTW around the corner from Metropolitan next to Solo is a small Mexican place, great tacos & seems to be a big spot for day laborers for a quick bite.
Nothing fancy & they have been there forever.

@seal turned me onto a good “Spanish “ restaurant of some type up the block as well. I don’t spend much social time there mostly business, recently tried 618. Food is “ok/fine” but certainly not exceptional. The cocktails certainly are and the bar area is nice, but it’s not a destination spot to me.

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