Challah recipes


Has anyone tried the challah recipes in Secrets of a Jewish Baker or the Smitten Kitchen adaptation of Joan Nathan’s recipe?

The former is a good fit for me because it has a food processor option (it insists on using ice water). The latter I’d have to knead by hand since I don’t have a standing mixer.


I forgot to buy bread flour, so made the Smitten Kitchen recipe, which uses all purpose. Worked quite well—- not too sweet, not too eggy, fluffy but with structure.

It’s been years since I made challah. A new technique to me was putting egg wash on after braiding, before the second rise, and then putting on one more layer before it goes in the oven.


One of my favorite bread
I used to buy them from Whole Foods and buy their butter to eat with it but there is no Whole Foods here.
Is it difficult to make?
Maybe I wil try it one day as I miss it.


Not at all difficult, but it rises three times so you need to be home all day. I hand kneaded it, used olive oil, and took it out of the oven when the internal temperature hit 190F.

I’d never braided a round loaf before, and found Smitten’s directions very easy and forgiving.


maybe when i have more time
used to make a fantastic bread called ENSEMADA, very much like the challah but richer
Used 12 eggs , took whole day
I even bought the small pans for asking them, made 48 at a time, took whole day
But those were the days ack in the 70’s thru 90’s,

(John) #6

I always make the Silver Palate Challa. It’s simple, uses regular flour & I didn’t have a stand mixer when I first started making it. It’s a really good recipe.