Chain Coffee shops - what do you order? Drinks and/or food.

I admit, I eventually try every seasonal or limited time only coffee at Starbucks.

I like this year’s Chocolate Cream Cold Brew.


Flat White, generally

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Can you translate to American?

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It’s an Australian/ NZ-style coffee made with espresso and milk or cream. In between a cappuccino and a latte in terms of strength.

Usually an 8 ounce cup. I often get flat whites or cortados when I see them offered.

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According to Wikipedia, Starbucks has been selling it in the States since 2015. All of the UK’s major coffee chains, including American owned Starbucks and Costa, sell it. More flavoursome than a cappucino, IMO. More like an traditional Spanish cafe con leche than anything else.

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I never go to Starbucks. We have too many local places.
I’ll have to check it out.


The Flat White is not found at all North American Starbucks.

It comes and goes off the official Canadian Starbucks line-up. Currently not listed on the menu at my local Starbucks.

It’s still fairly popular at independent coffee shops in Toronto.

It varies a little, depending on the coffee shop and barista, but here’s an illustration


Price wise, a Flat White is usually the most expensive of the unadulterated coffees.

As your graphic, that’s presumably because there’s more coffee in it.


In Canada, flat white is usually the same price as a cortado or cappuccino.

It’s usually in a smaller cup, since it contains less milk: coffee. It is usually a 6 to 8 oz serving (the often off menu Short cup at Starbucks in NA), whereas a standard Starbucks Tall cappuccino or latte is served in a 12 oz cup.

The Flat White doesn’t contain more coffee here. Perhaps it does elsewhere.

Some places charge a little more for the cappuccino or latte because they contain more milk.

The cortado, cappuccino, flat white and standard size latte all tend to get 2 shots of espresso. Most places in Ontario charge between $4.50 and $5 Cdn for any of these 4 espresso-based coffees.

I started drinking cappuccino in 2000, and it cost $3.10 Cdn including tax back then for a 12 ounce/ Tall cappuccino at Starbucks. A 12 ounce/ Tall cappuccino at Starbucks now costs $4.80 Cdn including tax. Usually, with the higher cost of living in the UK, the numbers on the menu look the same, even when the pound is worth 1.5 to 2 Cdn dollars.

My indie coffee shops tend to charge the same as Starbucks.

The amount of milk in the drink is what accounts for the price difference at my local shop’s menu.

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It’s a bit like a Gibraltar.

Could you translate that into English English, please.

The only Gibralter thing I know is the big mountain thing at the western end of the Meditteranean

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An American espresso with milk drink,has%20a%204.75-ounce%20capacity.

Thanks for that, prima. I’m familiar with a cortado both here in the UK and in Spain


My husband’s permanent and unchanging Starbucks order:

Before noon: tall latte with an extra shot, pumpkin loaf (not heated up)

After noon: tall latte with an extra shot, chocolate chip cookie

At least he’s consistent!

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Interesting generational thing. “Chain coffee shops” evokes thoughts of HoJo’s, Hot Shoppes, Big Boy, club sandwiches, burgers, meat loaf, and fried eggs.


Starbucks Coffee small black w/banana loaf warmed.

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My order is usually a pound of whole bean Grizzly Blend from Texas Coffee Traders. At home it is a caffe latte or a Cappuccino at breakfast and an espresso at any other time of day.

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And it appears to be a term that’s fairly specific to the Bay Area, hence my assumption of bbqboy’s recognition of it. :wink:

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Depending on where I find myself and which coffee shop usually: caffè latte, cappuccino, café au lait or Vietnamese whipped egg yolk coffee (my only coffee indulgence in the afternoon).
At home, Moka Pot in the morning, tea in the afternoon sometimes even High tea.

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By high tea do you mean the evening meal?