CES 2024 Kitchen Tech

I’m sure there will be “haters”, but this stuff keeps popping up on my “Chrome curated feed”, and I’m finding it intriguing.

Last week I ruminated about a grill with an infrared broiler

My current grill is “fine”, and my climate allows for year round use, but I haven’t used it in years, and I don’t see how this would overcome the barriers, which I think is the timing of the clean up.

This week this “macrowave oven”

Of course I don’t need this, but then I had no idea I “needed” my Breville oven until I had it. :woman_shrugging:t5:


I don’t understand how that microwave concept is new or a game changer. My microwave has convection and so-called air fry technology. I have had it a few years. It did not cost anything near $1800. This one looks like it might work better. I’ll give it that. Mine only has the heat coils on top. I must be missing something.

I think it’s the “intelligent algorithms” that “can revolutionize everyday tasks -– in this case, cooking. This new technology uses specialized alloys and smart algorithms to cook food not just faster but also in a smarter and more flavor-enhancing way.”


“its ability to effortlessly switch between and simultaneously run multiple cooking modes such as microwave, convection, oven bake, broil, virtual rotisserie, crispy reheat, pizza bake, and air fry”

Not helpful for any of us of course. We don’t need no stinking algorithms! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It reminds me of a commercial for some meal delivery service that apparently includes an oven, but that has been around for a few years.


Mine has algorithms and has what they call “fast-Combi” that switches between cooking functions. I have never tried it because yes, I don’t need no stinking algorithms. I am also sure it will beep at me in an attempt to get me to perform some type of action at some point in the process. I imagine myself responding, “you can’t tell me what to do!” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :poop: :robot:


That’s reminding me that my Breville does have algorithms, and did try to tell me what to do! :unamused:

I wish it had an algorithm that cleaned itself.


Cool. Is this essentially a pure Infrared griller/oven?

the grill looks super nice. not sure it’s in the budget though

I was mostly focused on the infrared broiler! I was thinking it probably smokes too, but I don’t see that.