CDN issues on mobile?

Recently I’ve been seeing an issue where an image is not found when browsing the site on mobile Safari. I don’t seem to have this issue on desktop Chrome. The image is generally found after a little while.

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I don’t think HO is behind Cloudflare.

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Does reloading help? I loaded the same topic/ pics without issues.

Maybe its a transitory issue.

HO uses CDN, just not Cloudflare.


There are other CDNs, you know. Clouflare is quite small actually. (I work in the space .).

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Seems to be happening on desktop as well

this seems to be the missing image

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I also notice a lot of 429 rate limited responses from just scrolling through a thread - perhaps the settings for rate limiting can be tweaked? They seem to be requests retrieving badge data.

I am not sure what the link in question represents. the image that was missing from your screen had the URL:

and oddly its loading fine from here.

Images in posts all have this format in the URL. The one from the optimized path are the ones shown in the post, while the ones from the original path are those expanded/ magnified photos once the optimized one are clicked on. They are all served by the CDN, hence the cdn prefix in the URL. Non-CDN files are served from the like the files you saw the 429s.

Next time you see a photo that’s not loading, can you copy the image URL and the error code from your console? Thanks.

Regarding the 429s, do you usually open a number of HO windows quickly within a 10 second or one minute window? There are rate limits in the forum software that can be tweaked.

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Yes I see it now, it wasn’t working for me a few hours ago.

I do sometimes open a few threads at a time. However in this case I’m just scrolling through a thread that I’ve opened without any others. I just tried scrolling through a long thread right now. No problems with images on mobile nor desktop at the moment but I still get 429s on some of the badge requests

Never mind, I can’t see what I just posted on mobile:


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Thanks. We’ll restart the server during low traffic time later this week with some new 429 settings.

If you can note what the error code in the console when you have CDN issues , that’d be great. thx

It’s just not found which I guess is 404.

We haven’t had one 404 in the last 3 days with the CDN. But still trying to narrow down this one.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m encountering the same issue (and have been for some time). Safari on iPhone.

If I click on the non-appearing image, it appears:

But when I close that popped-up image I go back to seeing the blank/brown placeholder.

Reloading page sometimes resolves issue, sometimes doesn’t.

Thanks, it may not be a CDN issue since the CDN log for that picture says 200 for all of them. Hence if someone can note the error code in the console that’d be great.

Maybe DNS?

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from the post above:

The console shows a 404 for

Which is not from the CDN. Not sure if this is the case for other missing images.

Then again it may be a DNS issue - just now on mobile:

I tried opening the image in a new tab

This is the url - it is a CDN image:

Safari cannot find server

ETA: I just refreshed the page and the image now shows up.

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