CCK knives

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I do like my Chinese cleavers, and most of my Chinese cleavers cannot be used for hacking bones anyway… Despite its Western translated name, vast majority of so called Chinese cleavers should not be used as a meat cleaver.

I think I may have 10-15 of Chinese knives. The followings are just from the CCK brand.

My thin blade CCK knife is probably one of my most valuable knives. Light weight and sharp, and yet durable. It has no problem cutting through a phone book in one smooth motion and not losing its edge.

No kidding. Many of knives from US Dept store are pretty bad.


That’s quite a collection of CCK. Chefsknifetogo?


Nah. Chefknifetogo does not have a wide selection. I actually went to the CCK store in Toronto (twice), and picked up different dimension and styles.


Do you keep lots of phone books on hand for ‘CCK demonstration’? :smile:


This video inspired me to test my CCK against my phone book:

A few of us did the phone-book cutting tests together. A phone book cutting is actually not a bad test. It is not difficult to sharpen a sharp knife, but it is more difficult to get a sharp knife that is also tough.

cowboyardee did it and wrote:

“You can add me to the list of fellas up at midnight (ET) cutting the
corners off their phone books. My yusuke went through it easily, though
not quite effortless…”

knifesaver (Jim) did this one:

and then I think a few others also did it.

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Chem, do you know any place in Manhattan that carries CCK?

Sorry, I haven’t been to Manhanttan. I have seen a few CCK knives at Flushing Chinatown, NY and a couple here in Philadelphia Chinatown, PA, but not the ones I am interested.

I have talked to a couple Chinese chefs (who owned CCK knives) at Philadelphia, and they told me that they got their CCK knives at Manhanttan Chinatown. Exactly which store, I don’t know. Considered that I was able to find CCK knives in Flushing and Philadelphia, I am pretty sure you can find them in Manhattan.

The thing is that just because a store carry CCK, it may not carry a large selection.

The only two places I have seen a relatively wide selection (more than 3-4 styles) are Vancouver Chinatown and Toronto CCK store.

Thanks! I really don’t need any more knives. My last purchase was an inexpensive nakiri, which I really love. I assume that the CCK cleaver that you like so much would be similar to that nakiri. While I do get to Manhattan once a year, I don’t often get out to Flushing. But I’ll keep my eyes open.

WIN Restaurant Supply carries them. They’re in Queens & Manhattan and they have a big website.

Many thanks. Maybe I will stop by and see what they have.

I’ve only been in the Manhattan one but it’s an adventure. Mountains of stuff.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check them out the next time we’re in town. My wife will hate you.

can’t be helped…

Ah man. I was going to say I’ve never seen them in New York. Now I will have to go this place and see. I’m sure they don’t have a large selection of them but I will be curious to see what else they have.

Ironically I have never set foot in the original CCK store in Hong Kong despite trips there from time to time. I think I may stop by and get a cleaver for chopping up whole chicken. Right now I am using a sub-optimal knife with no weight to do the job.

Even in Flushing, I saw several CCK knives, only about… 4-5 selection I want to say.

Very nice collection and darn fine sharpening skills :+1:


Where in Flushing?? Do tell.

I saw about a few types of CCK knives at J&W Restaurant Inc on Main Street in Flushing (Flushing Chinatown).

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Oh ok. I’ve been to Sunrise Kitchen and Hardware a bunch of times which is also on Main Street. I had asked them if they had CCK knives and they had no clue what I was talking about. Will need to go here soon!

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