Catch of the Day

A recipe that catches your eye that you might want to cook someday (or never)? A thing in a dish that you come across that sparkles some curiosity. Or even a drink, a snack, you’ve consumed that you appreciated. An article on food you’ve read… This thread serves some inspirations hopefully for some. Let’s post something each day.


I start with the first one.


Pretty dramatic! Mine is much simpler but super fun and tasty. My niece clued me in on apple roses.


Oh this can be really good if baked and got caramelized a bit on the top!

I used my torch! We had a ball making them.

Talking about torch! Ever since I saw Street Food Asia Osaka (Netflix), I can’t get this image off, the guy uses a torch and his hand to cook.


I really enjoyed that series! Talk about confidence.

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One of my local farmers market has a stall that sells nothing but Scotch eggs. They always have several different varieties - and today, for the first time, they had a vegan Scotch egg. A beetroot & pineapple mix replaces the egg. And a cocoction involving barley replaces. the sausage meat. My companion insisted we buy one - and I’m more than happy for her to eat it all. Sounds a vile abomination to me.


I do enjoy Scotch eggs but I’m with you on that version…even as a beet and pineapple fan.

Did she like it?

Personally, I will avoid this vegan version.

Even the color would be lurid! But I’d be down for one bite. You’ll have to let us know how she liked it.

There’s a place near me that serves a vegetarian Scotch egg, coated in falafel instead of sausage. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m game to.

I don’t see how beet and pineapple could possibly stand in for egg, but my imagination isn’t that expansive.

That sounds nothing egg-like… I could have been more generous if they had used potato and something creamy in the middle… but beetroot and pineapple? What is that even?

That sub actually sounds tasty.

I know! I should get over there.

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I’m imagining that most vegan folks don’t want something egg-like.
The combination sounds pretty tasty to me!

The proliferation - and success - of fake meat and fake egg products may contradict that.

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Well, my companion tried the vegan Scotch egg and I did get a small taste. It was better than we had imagined. The beetroot was one of those small round ready cooked ones that are readily available in supermarkets, so worked as a physical egg replacement. Couldnt detect any flavour of pineapple. And the replacement with a barley/rusk mix for the sausagemeat was inoffensive.

Not an experience to repeat but actually better than the two different egg/meat ones that we’d also bought. These have always been really nice in the past but there was something oddly rubbery about the texture of the sausagemeat.


I make tea eggs a few times a year so scotch eggs was intriguing. After googling I left disappointed. :disappointed:

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Every year, around holiday time, I see and cover the NYT’s mushroom Wellington. And I every year, I decide it’s too much work.

Mind you, I’ve never had any kind of Wellington so I suppose I don’t miss what l’ve never had.

I know the recipe won’t be open access for many of you but posting it here anyway.