Cast Iron Roasting Pan for Breville Toaster Oven

I’m looking for a cast iron pan that will fit into my Breville toaster oven (model 800XL). The oven accommodates a 1/4 sheet pan approximately 12"W X 9 3/4" D. Straight sided without flared handles or no handles at al would be preferred. My goal is to sear/brown on stovetop then move the pan into the toaster oven. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Are you really limited to only 12 inches wide? If so I think you’ll be hard pressed to find something in CI that isn’t a lot smaller than 12x9. This Lodge would fit, but it is a lot smaller.

They also make a 6.5" Skillet that would fit.

Yes, those are my limitations. Everything I see is too small.

With a about 15"of diagonal capacity, the 8" lodge skillet should fit. It’s 12.75" long. This lodge isn’t as stove friendly but will fit: Rectangle Griddle

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I use my 10" cast iron skillet at an angle in my toaster/convection oven.
ETA, never mind, I just measured my rack at my oven is 11.5 inches deep.

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Would something like these work?

I want to find a pan that utilizes a lot of the “real estate” inside the oven so I can , for instance, roast a whole chicken. I have several Pyrex glass pans that are perfect except for the fact that they are glass. Thanks!

Good luck on your quest

Would something like this work?? I have this 12" cast iron braiser/skilet in cast iron. They have it in 10" ($23.19) and 12" ($31.99) on Amazon. The brand is Cuisinel. I’ve used mine a couple of times and like it.

Amazon Cuisinel 10"

Amazon Cuisinel 12"

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I just noticed they have an 8" also… I don’t know how large you need the skillet to be, but the measurements are listed.

Amazon Cuisinel 8"