Cast Iron 'Experts'

I often listen to Leonard Lopate on WNYC which is one of our local Public Radio stations. Fridays he does all food related topics & last Friday he had two guests who were experts on the subject to discuss the use & care of CI cookware. Here’s the link if you want to listen to it yourself: One of the experts was Julia Collin Davison from America’s Test Kitchen who has recently published a book on CI cookery. I have to say, she knew nothing about cast iron. Nada. She even ventured an opinion that before CI was commercially produced ‘in the early 1900s’ it was probably hand hammered before that… And she wasn’t sure which stores carried Griswold & Wagner CI Cookware. (sigh). oh well…

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. . . and that’s why I never watch ATK anymore. that is the level of ‘expertise’ I have observed on many of their ‘topics.’

schools don’t teach cursive, grammar, spelling, civics or history anymore - it’s not politically correct. I’m pretty sure when asked she would offer the opinion that the Iron Age started with the introduction of the first steam iron . . . .

I guess technically you could “hand hammer” CI…you just end up with smaller pieces

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What qualifies one as a cast iron expert? I’m old and it is what I grew up with in my family. I think I shall start to include that on my old retired fart resume.

Eh - I’m prickly & intolerant of ignorance. Well - I do understand that you can’t know anything before you learn it but by definition & name, Cast Iron is…cast. Wrought iron is hammered.

I’m still waiting to learn which stores carry the Griswold & Wagner stuff.

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Unbelievable, but I think I know where her loony idea started. Several of the old makers, perhaps as a joke, cast little divots they thought looked like planishing marks into the pans and covers. You can still find them from time to time…

I don’t know these folks but this is a nice collection-


The two large Scotch bowls at bottom look nice, and the gas burners, too.

& some nice wafflemakers too.

Must be pretty sturdy table!

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That is a LOAD

There’s a sub-divided pan just like that “Master Pan” — like a long ago predecessor. That’s a lot of the same series of pans – sort of like a stall in an “antique” market

Any bets on how much all of that weighs? My wrist hurts just thinking about it!

Oh, I fully agree that it is someone collecting them as antiques.
I just happened to see it while perusing our local CL.
We’re in the wilds of Southern Oregon, by the by.
I’m a cast iron user not a collector.
I sort of wonder if others have my “problem” of frying pan obsession,
cast iron and otherwise. I did a quick count and I’m in the 20’s.
Is this reasonable, or should I seek help? :smiley:

when you have more pans than burners, it’s time to seek help (g)

I have a batch of old family pieces - heavy as, well, cast iron…

picked up an old Griswold 10" - $12 at a “junk shop/store” - it’s much thinner and lighter than the other stuff - it’s one of my favs.

Haha - I was going to call about that ad until I realized it’s for Medford, Oregon, not Medford CT. Shipping would be pricey.

You’ll find them in any store that carries washboards, rotary egg beaters, and Model T cranks…;>)

bonus points for saying “planishing”

Heresy in this section of HO.

@bbqboy – 20s of frying pans? $2K later that could be in the 50s! I think I’m at 11, mostly NOT CI.

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I think they are beautiful. No, that’s not my collection!