Cast iron and powersettings on induction cooktop.

Hi all.

As mentioned in earlier threads, I really enjoy using cast iron cookware.

Most cast iron cookware makers make sure to point out that you should never go above half power when using cast iron. That is to prevent warping or cracking.

This brings me to the problem. On my electrolux/Foss induction cooktop, half power is not nearly enough to fry most stuff.

It goes from 1-14 + a boost setting.

I usually have to go to 9 or 10 the get the pan hot enough.

Maybe the power settings in my Induction cooktop isn’t linear :thinking:

How high do you guys usually crank your cooktops when using cast iron?

Have a nice day.

I have a Milwaukee infrared thermometer… so I usually start it on high and then back it off when it gets to the temp I’m looking for.

For meats this is usually medium high (around 425-450°F), and closer to medium for frying (375-400°F).

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My induction hob goes to 10, I’ve taken my Lodge Cast Iron to 9 with no problems or issues. I have a smaller cast iron “Victoria” skillet I use for searing steaks, etc.; again… no problems or issues at setting 9. I’ve never tried setting 10, as I did hear that the top setting warped “carbon steel” pans, so I didn’t want to chance it with my Lodge or Victoria Cast iron skillets.
You might want to experiment with an inexpensive Walmart cast iron skillet, they are around $13. Take your cook top up to 13 (out of 14) fry some potato peels or something you don’t care about, then inspect the skillet for damage. If the Walmart Cast iron skillet survives, then your better cast iron pans should be fine.

Sounds like a good plan.

When you say you use 9/10 on your induction. Du you start at 9… or do you preheat at lover setting ?

Yes… If I’m searing steaks or something along those lines (where I want a high heat); I’ll immediately set my induction hob to 9 (out of 10) and when the oil appears to be ready, I’ll sear the steak.

Sounds effective… and you never had any cast iron warp?

I did. I set a Lodge skillet on and heated on high like I usually do, but got side tracked in another room and it got way too hot. That probably wouldn’t have happened if there was food in it (but it was empty).

Pan is still usable, but it rocks a tiny bit and the bottom is a little convex on the inside.

I have not… I do watch the oil in the pan and when it has that “sheen”, I sear the steak or whatever I am cooking.
I do finish my steaks in the oven after searing.

According to most cast iron manufacturers, you should have all warped or cracked cast iron. :blush:

I guess the problems are overrated and that you have found the golden way.

I am working with a 110V (1800 Watt) stand alone Duxtop Induction burner/hob and not a 220V built in cook top. Perhaps those warnings are for individuals with a 220V setup.
I’ve used both enameled cast iron and raw cast iron on this burner/hob with no problems or issues.
I also have some cheap IKEA pots that I use for boiling water (for pasta, etc.). I turn them all the way up to 10, again… no issues or problems.

I do have an old skillet that I abuse (heating sugar) on my radiant (stove top) burner for making candy (peanut brittle, etc.) This pan has warped, but it is a very thin cheap pan and I do abuse it. That has been the only instance of warping.