Canning homemade soup

I generally find canned soups way too salty for my taste. This is about taste and not health per se. We do a fair amount of home canning mostly of basic fruits and vegetables. We do can my wife’s tomato basil soup and my pasta sauce. I’m heading toward broadening that range by canning more homemade soups.

Of course I use USDA guidelines. p4-18 of volume 4 applies:

I found the guidance to load solids first to half and top up with liquid interesting. I can of course separate with a strainer or just scoop with a ladle. grin No matter.

Has anyone else on HO been down this path before and care to share their experience?

I assume the filling directions are aimed at avoiding splashing, and having a uniform amount of solids per jar.


Splashing as an issue would surprise me as 1. that isn’t USDA’s problem, it’s ours grin and 2. most canners would use a wide mouth, wide base funnel. I suspect the issue is consistency, as you say, getting air out, and avoiding foaming for those who include beans in their soups. All that is speculation of course.

Anyone been down this road before?