Canned ground beef

I bought Keystone canned ground beef on Amazon. I have never seen such a product in the supermarket. The contents are just beef and salt. Considering evaporation and shrinkage when cooking raw beef, the price is about the same. Since medical problems make supermarket trips difficult, I thought it worth a try. (They also can pork and turkey.) The beef looks like Alpo and is bland straight from the can, but overall, I’m impressed. It’s a solid mass of meat that can be broken up with a knife or fork before using in sauces, casseroles, stirfries, stews, or soups. Add some soy sauce.or garlic, sear it, and it’s tasty. I made a sort of deconstructed patty melt, and used it for spaghetti sauce. I wouldn’t have been able to tell it from ground beef that I’d cooked thoroughly myself.

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That. Is. Amazing.

I love weird canned meat products! If anyone wants to see what it looks like, here’s a review on Youtube.

One thing to note though, I belive it’s incorrect to count evaporation/shrinkage, because judging by the amount of liquid and fat that comes out of the can, and the way the meat is shaped, it was almost certainly added to the can raw and cooked, which means you are paying for the liquid and fat, which makes it kind of pricey.

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Sometime inexpensive mass production food can taste very good – at the very least addictive. I find these canned meats are excellent examples for this.

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You’re right, Joonjoon. But if the Youtuber is correct in his calculation that it is 90/10 beef, the price is pretty close. It was $4.99 for a 14 oz can. Lean ground beef around here can be close to $6/#.

I don’t know where he got the 90/10 figure from. You can see in the video there is a TON of fat in that can. Looking at the nutrition info, you can see 30 out of each 70 calorie serving is from fat. It can’t possibly be anything close to 90/10.

Not trying to poo-poo your choice, I think canned ground beef is glorious, and fat is glorious! Especially if you are having trouble with trips to the market, products like this is fantastic. Not sure where you live but if you can get it from the Walmart link it looks like you’ll be able to save some money!

If you’re looking for other canned meat products, the WolfePit guy reviewed a couple of canned bacon products which he said were pretty good.


Kudos to you for being brave enough to try it and let us know what it’s like. I’ve never seen canned ground beef either. I have to admit that your initial description of looking like Alpo doesn’t quite win me over yet. :smiley:

Do you have grocery delivery options in your area?

Think it’s also important to remember that canned meat is shelf stable and very good to have on hand for quick meals when the pantry is bare as well as for emergencies or natural disasters. Canned corned beef and even spam is good in a pinch. I love fried rice made with Tabasco Spam. So if you had a variety of cans of meat, you could make a lot of different dishes and be food secure until a trip to the store can be managed. Are canned hams still available? Seems like a long time since I’ve noticed them.

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It was dandy. I bought four cans and plan to use it next for chili. The best of the grocery delivery options is gone, as the store near me closed and I am not in the delivery area for their other locations. I do get delivery from another, pricier chain, but their minimum order is large enough that I can only use them every 2-3 weeks. So I like having a variety of nonperishables on hand, for more choice in meal planning.

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Bummer, but I’m glad you found an alternative you like!

I was curious what other needs would call for canned meats that isn’t SPAM (for the record, I like SPAM), and they suggest to be used when going camping, etc. and that makes total sense. Stuff you learn…

I don’t know where you are, but Amazon has grown their grocery offerings through Prime Now - they have Amazon itself as a store option, plus Whole Foods wherever they’re an option, plus some local stores. Worth a check every now & then, because they’ve been expanding a lot.