Can You Serve Food From Sterling Silver?

Hello everyone, I have a question about using sterling silver for serving food. I’m a bit unsure about how it reacts with acidic dishes or if tarnish poses any risk.

Would anyone be able to share their experience or knowledge? I’d love to learn more about whether it’s safe for serving food, how to keep my sterling silver looking its best, and any special precautions I should take when using it.

It’s safe to use for serving! What can wreck it is prolonged exposure to salt - pittting , eggs - sulfur, citrus/tomatoes - acid (discoloration or off taste). But these warnings apply mostly to silver serving vessels, not utensils. Silverware is fine. It will tarnish eventually; I keep mine rolled in silver cloth, a touch up every 10 years or so isn’t a big deal. … make sure to wash and dry it quickly and thoroughly after use.


I’m happy to hear you’re interested in silverware maintenance. In addition to what you mentioned, do you have any other secrets to keeping utensils looking their best?

I cut and pasted your exact title into google and here is what generative AI has to say:
" Yes, you can serve food from sterling silver because it has antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from growing. Sterling silver is also alloyed with copper and doesn’t contain lead. However, you should avoid serving acidic foods, onions, eggs, or foods that contain eggs on sterling silver because the acid can affect the finish and these foods can cause permanent stains. If you do use sterling silver with acidic foods, you should rinse it quickly."