Can you buy Rummo pasta where you live? Please buy a package or more this week to save the company, hit by a flood

There was a flood in Italy last week and it has now emerged that one of the most historic pasta makers of Campania, the company Rummo, near Naples, had its factories and warehouses hit with a devastating flood. There is a twitter hashtag #SaveRummo and Facebook movement growing to appeal to everyone to buy some Rummo pasta this week to support the company.

It is fantastically delicious pasta of the highest quality, and like so many pastas in the Campania regions, comes in inventive marvelous and historic shapes. You won’t regret the decision to buy and eat it. When I lived in the States, I was able to purchase Rummo at Whole Foods. In the UK, I understand it can be bought at Waitrose and at Lina in London.

Please help save Rummo. It is an important part of Italian history and pasta history – and that is world history!


I bought a couple of packages at Rosario’s in Astoria last night. Encouragingly it was clear a number of people had been there before me - the Rummo shelf was more than half empty.

Oh great! Thanks for this first hand report. I should check back into the #SaveRummo twitter feed and see if there is any news on how well the company is doing. Some MasterChefs in Itay were behind a petition to the Italian government to make Rummo the pasta of choice for school lunches for the 2 months or so. I’m hoping they succeeded.

By the way, if you are looking for recipes for your Rummo, you can look on that Twitter hashtag #SaveRummo and see what people have been posting. I think the Italian blogger Luciano Pignatoro has also been putting up recipes on his blog.

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