Can this Copper pan be used? Fixed?

I love my copper pieces and probably over spend on them, but “it is what it is”.

Bought this piece very second hand, and not knowing as much as I need to about the usability of some things, wondering if you all out there can take a look and give me some advice,…

Stove ready? Purely decorative? Fixable? Thanks!

It looks like your pan needs to be retinned. Google will show you reliable retainers. Not “inexpensive” but worth your investigation. A friend with a vintage cookware shop regularly sends in copper pieces to be retinned. BUT after retinning you will need to treat the piece with respect and proper care or it will again look like you picture it.


It’s a fish pan. I don’t think it needs retinning, tin just oxidizes and turns from shiny to gray over time. As long as it’s not worn down to bare copper in patches on the bottom, it should be fine – general rule of thumb is retin when there’s copper showing through on cooking surface the size of a quarter in total. Have you tried using it yet?


I agree that it just looks well used. If you ever want it retinned, I commend Rocky Mountain to you.

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It needs nothing more than being washed. Such a useful shape and size. There’s little that it can’t handle. Enjoy!

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It is indeed extremely useful. It is my “go to” size and shape for most any dish for two not requiring super high heat.