Can stainless steel lined copper cookware separate ?

I just saw this video recently and thought ‘WoW, perhaps my stainless steel lined copper cookware won’t last a life time after all.

Have any of you experienced SS lined copper cookware separating ?

Should us copper cookware owners worry ?

Link to video

One of my sauce pans has “bubbled” on the bottom. I can only assume some type of “separation” took place. It still works and I use it on a regular basis. I didn’t pay a lot for it and don’t expect it to last my lifetime. I’ll replace it one day.

What would cause copper defects in a lid? She didn’t describe what activity or use caused the problem. The lid wouldn’t get too hot except maybe in an oven.

Is that what delaminating bimetal looks like? The lining looked perfect. Is that typical?

I have a few bimetal pans in regular use and have had no problems though hers appears to be quite thin in comparison to the usual 2.5 mm.

I’m not worried.

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Nice to hear.

I’m not really worried either since I haven’t heard stories of people with actual brand name copper with SS lining (Mauviel, Matfer, Falk, De Buyer etc.) experiencing separation.

But it just made me wonder.

I mean. Anything can happen just like stainless steel-aluminum cookware can separate too, but I always thought of these are extremely rare (but real) incidents. It is like any Amazon reviews, there are always about 2-5% of the reviews indicate bad experience with the products. An All-Clad pan wrapped for them for example.

I once left an empty Mauviel 250 copper on a small flame for over an hour. Forgot to turn off the flame after finishing cooking.

The lining turned black, but after some heavy cleaning, it was as new again. Still use the pan to this day.


Likely some contaminant between the sheetstock, that prevented consistent bonding.

Yes, but you’ve already ID’d the relative thinness of the lid’s copper layer. I believe this cover deformed the way it did because the 0.2mm SS layer was more resistant to deformation than the 1mm soft copper. It would likely be the other way around if the ratio was 2.3:0.2, but the same result overall.

Mac Kohler has posted photos of delam bimetal pans. It is a very rare occurrence. The photos I’ve seen almost always show the failures at the inside shoulder, FWIW.