Can I get some piggy love?

Let’s get down and dirty in the mud with some sweet swine! Post your best porky recipes, pics, and restaurant dishes here.

I will be making pork shoulder mole in the slow cooker tomorrow. This is not the three day version that I make when I get a wild hair up my … but it is easy and tasty:

There are a few other ingredients, but here are the big three. Will post tomorrow night after it’s ready with a photo of the finished dish.

Not to bitch, but if you’d put this in cooking instead of NJ, the rest of the world could chime in.

Are you implying that there is more to the world than New Jersey??:scream:


Folks live and love pork everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.:smiley:

I’m just pissed he didn’t post the whole recipe! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well I’ve posted this elsewhere, but if you want some piggy love here you go:

After 8 hours in the slow cooker, deboned and defatted pulled pork in mole sauce for stage two. I should let it sit overnight in the fridge and remove the solid fat tomorrow before grilling some corn tortillas and topping with a bit of crema, but …

We’ll see.

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Looks great! I did a pork shoulder in the smoker recently and sauced it with a mock mole sauce - was a big hit. Now that I have a chest freezer, my next plans for pork include breaking out the sausage stuffer and stocking the freezer with some homemade sausage concoctions.

Stage 3 - after a night in the fridge, the top layer of fat is removed and then the meat is ready to top a grilled corn tortilla covered with a little melted cheese and topped with crema.


Looking good Seal! On a 1 to ten spice scale what are we talking here?

One of my favorite recipes for pork tenderloin is Bobby Flay’s (yes, I know…!):

Stuffed Tenderloin

I substituted chili powder for the cascabel powder. The timing was a little off, but then again, I have Viking ovens, and neither holds temperature properly.

To make sure the rest of my family will eat it I don’t add any other peppers so the finished product is at the low end of the heat spectrum. But years ago I made this same dish with added fresh jalapeno and habanero peppers added in and it came off more towards a 7 out of 10.

Almost forgot, the rendered fat is best used to mix into the masa for the tortillas as this way you can be sure that there is no additives in it and the flavor of rendered pork fat is highly preferable to oil.


Just tossed two racks of ribs in the smoker, coated with a rub of brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, chile powder, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, and a hint of allspice and mace. They’ll get three hours of cherry smoke, then another 3-4 hours without smoke, all at 225 degrees. Rib fans, what are your favorite rubs for ribs in the smoker?

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I’ve got to give credit where credit is due for my rub. I’ve been mail ordering Charlie Vergos Rendezvous Memphis Original Famous Seasoning four packs for years. Sometimes I just throw some more on after they’re done and it’s almost like I’m back at the Rendezvous.

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