Campbell's Crema de Chile Poblano soup

I can no longer find Campbell’s Crema de Chile Poblano soup in Arizona stores. I sent a query to Campbell’s and was told that it’s no longer made or carried in the US, production has been moved to Mexico.
It to me is far and away the best cream-of-fill-in-the-blank soup ever made. It’s a great ingredient in several dishes. I found a place that I could order it from several years ago and bought a case of it. And used it all, eventually. The only placeI find it now is Amazon de Mexico and I don’t know if I can order it to be delivered here.
Anybody know where I can find some?


Man! Never heard of it. Sorry I missed it!


I’ve not heard of it either but since you’re in Az you could just make a run to south of the border a couple times a year. And on that note, could you stop by a pharmacy for me while you’re there? :grimacing:

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I’d be happy to- but hope I don’t get caught trying to bring two of everything back :wink:

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I was curious and went to Google - found this
Would that work for you? I think the store is in Texas but I assume it’s a chain??


I’m definitely going to try this- thank you very much

You’re welcome! What do you make with it??