California Dive Bars

Nice report. The imprimatur of the latino dive bars I’ve been to seem to be the abundance of jesus candlejars and incense.

Well some of you may have been to the venerable White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village where Dylan Thomas may have had his last shot (or the even older establishment in Newport, RI with the same name). Inglewood is home to…The Green Horse Bar & Night Club.


The prices are great, there’s dollar taco tuesdays, pool, neon, plastic furniture (but no plastic money), music…it’s a friendly fun place.

1662 Centinela Ave, Inglewood.


I wonder which came first, the name or the giant green horse

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Apparently it’s been there since 1958…greener than the White Horse Tavern, but still…

My hunch is that the horse was first and was not originally green…maybe some business horse-backing off of Hollywood Park?..the scholars will have to sort this out on my next visit!

At least the horse isn’t as creepy as this favorite from the Wicker Man


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Aloha Club in Oakland

I haven’t been since covid, but it’s fun and they have an area next door that rotates food.


The Washoe House kinda fits the bill. It is located a couple miles west of Rohnert Park in Sonoma County. Maybe I should say was. Don’t know if it is still there.

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My friends in the valley remind me of the Copper Bucket

$4.50 well drinks, pool, softball team, since 1951…17715 Vanowen St., Reseda (borderline too nice - I expect less for my money)


the Fox Fire Room, 12516 Magnolia Blvd, Valley Village…William H. Macy did the job here in Magnolia…indoor/outdoor, good prices, worth a drink if you’re in the area and thirsty.


Personally I love how these nuggets of old time California persist and they have my support.

Playing devil’s advocate but I don’t understand the appeal of five bars. I go to restaurants and bars to eat and drink things I can’t easily replicate (or at least do in a similar fashion) at home. The main reasons for bars are either unique beers I can’t get easily somewhere else or excellent cocktails which are not your standard ones you can easily make at home. At the few dive bars I have visited you get quite lousy beers (Blue Moon, Stella, Budweiser) and mediocre cocktails. (And let’s not start talking about the food)

If you’re in Springfield …

Pool, Duff beer, flaming moes…where a $16 Long Island iced tea is bargain at any price.

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Some people just like to play in the mud and enjoy themselves.

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