CABBAGE! Your favorite recipes?

It’s our favorite to use with corned beef.

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Its also the go-to choice for choucroute and cabbage rolls in the Alsace region

When making stuffed cabbage, why is it necessary to cook the meat first?

The stuffed cabbages are going to simmer at least an hour in tomato juice - won’t that cook the meat sufficiently?


You dont have to cook the meat and/or rice first. It can speed the process up, but note it will take a lot longer than an hour to cook. There are quite a few variables, but it will take longer than an hour generally.


Polish Cabbage and Noodles. Haluski. Buttered rye bread or pumpernickel to go with. Brussels sprouts instead of cabbage, on occasion.


Ate today a cabbage pie with foie gras and meat sauce. The cabbage was not too cooked and not soft. Delicious.

Picture from Google Picasa by Maki Usami


Not a grand fan however, do enjoy in Winter récipes:

  1. Cavolo (black cabbage) with orrichetti (Little Ear shaped Pasta from Puglia)

  2. Stuffed Cabbage Romanian Style

  3. Alsace Choucrout with wild fresh trout (récipe was made with porc for my grand parents)



Wow! Is photo #2 yours?

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The Choucrout …

Yes, either myself or my husband … We have multitudes of photographs from our publishing and tourism projects.

Yeah. Because we were only 2, the pie (pithiviers) arrived in slices, I saw that some tables had that whole pie, beautiful.


Thanks, I actually meant @naf :slight_smile:

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My grandmother often made egg noodles & cabbage when I was a child… My somewhat limited knowledge is that this is Central European Jewish comfort food at its best!


My grandmother still makes this and so does my mom. I am not sure if it differs from the Jewish recipe but it sure tastes good! She is czechoslovakian.


WOW!!! Karen…and I thought I was the only weirdo who ate noodles and cabbage…
My Grandmother, said that was a dish was from when she was growing up in Europe, the harvest of cabbage was in full swing… I do not remember if they were egg noodles or what…just the noodles and cabbage with a lot of butter and some salt…
They were not rich, but had a small farm and always had food…

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@Phreddy, I honestly can’t remember if they were egg noodles but pretty sure they were! We are talking about over 60 yrs ago… Family is predominantly of Russian/Polish decent with a smattering of Romanian too. Strong memories of kreplach, chicken soup & matzo balls, rugelach (sic), chopped chicken liver with grebenes…

My grandmother (Eastern European) made broad buttered egg noodles mixed with cottage cheese. Salt to taste. Real comfort food.


Count me in that contingent, too. :grinning:Cabbage + little homemade dumplings (rather like spaetzle) = halusky kapusta as prepared by my grandmother. In our house, this was a one-dish favorite on Lenten Fridays when eating meat was not allowed.

Butter was considered too pricey for the household budget back then so I think vegetable oil and margarine were used. You were free to add as much black pepper to your plate as you could want.

Simple comfort food for me also.


Add matzo brei, potato knishes, potato pancakes, and kasha varnishkas to my list :slight_smile:


More cabbage comfort food. Runzas! Ground beef, onion, cabbage, and cheese wrapped in dough and baked. Yes.