Bye being censored is bad!

I will be leaving! Why?

Because I will speak the truth. Dont like it ok bye…

If i want to post pictires for like ill post on thousands of other sites like this one…


So soon? Develop a thicker skin and ignore the team of overzealous PC Police. Throw it back in their faces using a different style and wording. You may get PM requiring you to “verify” you are not a racist/bigot/insert anything that “offends” them. You may also get PM telling you certain ingredients can’t be called xyz because xyz.

What you have control of is:

  • How much time you want to spend here/somewhere and,
  • How much you want to share.

But sometimes it’s better to go elsewhere, yes. I’ll miss seeing your beautiful produce.


Your post is online again. A member flagged your post and it got hidden automatically.


I have no idea what this is all about. I do know that if I’d left after the first deletion of one of my posts, it’d have been ages ago. And I wouldnt have been around for the third, or is it fourth, deletion.

I always bear in mind that the moderators are not always right and/or balanced - but they are always the moderators.


What a thread to start the day with! I am always gobsmacked by the loss of members. Expectations of a diverse and thought provoking forum about food, so much more than food, so much more interesting than safe and beige idle chatter. If you can understand why give and take beats the hell out of blindly head shaking tolerance…this community rocks in every way.

Come back, clear your head and be part of a robust community. Your contributions are only valuable if you stick around.



If one keyboard hero… can get a post canceled because of something they chose to read… it is bad for everyone… Words are important… Today it is the F word… Tomorrow it is Bacon… All it would take is a whiny ass vegan… ETC…

This is my freedom to leave and find a better place. Good luck yall.

And for those that think this combat vet is sensitive YOU ARE RIGHT! But my skin is battle hardened and I don’t put up with bull…

Congrats on the keyboard warrior getting the bad man to leave. Yall can keep your hero and post within that “persons” comfort!

People like that do more harm than good to our society… Consider that and keep posting in your echo chamber.

Good luck to you. I was looking forward to your trip reports.

Consider you might have misread the room. Shit happens.


Well, if you’re leaving because of one person objecting to what you wrote, then obviously that’s a decision for you. But it seems from what naf has written, that the moderators did not agree with their objection and your post is again on view.

Again, I have absolutely no idea what this is all about or who else it involves. And really have no interest in knowing.

Best wishes for the future.


Now that’s just silly.


I’ve enjoyed your posts and it seems as if you have a lot of good things to share so I’m going to try and clarify this for you. I’m not really sure the reason or justification for your response but hopefully this will help you understand things a little better.

First and foremost all the moderators on this site, myself included, are volunteers. The group of us “monitor” certain boards however we don’t have set hours and it’s not a 24/7 situation of a paid moderators staff reviewing posts in real time etc.

As such the “system” has certain programing to make the job of moderating a little easier, one of those things is it will “hide” a post that is flagged until the appropriate moderator has a chance to review it. The message you received kind of spelled that out for you: “This is an automated message” - “Your post was flagged as inappropriate” ((notice it’s telling you the reason it was flagged, NOT that it had been found inappropriate by a moderator or anyone “human”))

So the system “hides” the post if it’s flagged for being inappropriate just in case something truly inappropriate / vile has been posted it doesn’t’ remain visible for a long period of time if the appropriate moderator isn’t available to immediately review it. In this case as @naf (the moderator for that board) posted, the post was back online because once it was reviewed by naf it wasn’t deemed inappropriate, and it is now back in it’s original form. So the "system worked’.

You weren’t censored and if your language offended someone, so be it, but we don’t moderate based on “foul” language unless it is being directed at another user. Your post is back and our “system” for a small home grown community worked exactly as it should, as did the human intervention of the moderator who reviewed the situation.

I hope that clarifies things for you and should you continue to post please have a little more patience with us since as stated we/moderators are doing this in our spare time. If this explanation isn’t sufficient and your feelings as stated remain the same then I wish you well on your travels in life.

I certainly hope you will see things for what the are, and what they are isn’t any attempt to censor you, that is flat out incorrect.


(If you have other questions or would like to continue the discuss I welcome you to PM / private message me)


Really, somehow my image of @NotJrvedivici and the rest of the mods was something like this.


Only when we are in da’ club makin’ it rain!!

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Clearly, that one user turned out to be right.

They used to say “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.

They forgot to add “But if you’re an a$shole, they’ll quickly figure it out”.


Good riddance. The guy was an A-Hole. And I’m surprised anti-China comments were actually removed then restated. But whatever.

Will a food and dining site really miss out on a dozen photos of someone’s motorcycle? (I acknowledge that such content is a large part of this site - the off-topic chit chat and community building via non-food content, so am OK being an outlier .)


I come from the Roadfood side of the online food community so folks eating on motorcycle journeys is right up my alley.
That said, the ex poster didn’t seem to play well with others, so good riddance.

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I’m bored this afternoon so, with nothing better to do, I read the thread that’s at the centre of this issue.

Now, as a foreigner, I may not be alert to what may be American nuances to the discussion on that thread. But, to be frank, I see nothing that would have caused anyone to report anyone’s post. I see nothing that would have caused the moderators to delete it (as they didnt). And I see nothing that would have caused the OP to throw his dummy out of the pram and leave the forum.

By the by, I was interested in the product’s Corning connection. It’s a town I’ve visited as my brother in law lived there for a few years working for Dresser-Rand (after they closed the UK factory he had worked at for many years). He and his family had to return to the UK when issues over his residence/work permit (green card?) came to light. By the by, the Corning Glass Museum is well worth a couple of hours of anyone’s time.


I’m not exactly sure what this means, but I’m going to start using it in casual conversation :wink:


I had to Google but I think the translation would be he threw his pacifier out of the baby carriage (stroller?).


I think the American equivalent would be “he took his ball and went home.”


Throwing a tantrum.

Explained like this

Frustrated children who can’t get their own way have temper tantrums. They scream, roll around and bang their feet on the ground. Of course, if they are younger, they can only throw their dummy out the pram. (A dummy being the thing you put in baby’s mouths to keep them quiet - aptly called a Pacifier by Americans) He’s throw his dummy out of the pram.