Buttonwood, Newton Highlands

Like all of you I have a running list of restaurants I want to try. We don’t go out to eat nearly often enough, so the list grows. Lately, though, it hasn’t been growing very quickly, nor have restaurants that have gone down-hill been removed often enough. I really and truly miss Chowhound and the honest, trustworthy recommendations and disrecommendations and I know I should step up and help make this site what I am looking for. The last couple of places I went were a bit of a disappointment – I’ll try to remember what we had and write up some details later – but last night I went someplace I can truly rave about to dip my toe into the review waters.

I went to a fairly new restaurant in Newton Highlands called Buttonwood, owned by the same folks who own the deservedly popular Sycamore and Big Little Diner restaurants. We had a great meal and will certainly be back.

First of all, the service was very professional – which I never do expect in the suburbs and, truth to tell, rarely expect in the city nowadays. Because of that low expectation, mediocre service rarely stops me from going somewhere with good food, but great service? It really elevated the experience.

Like its sister restaurants, the cocktails we had were perfectly balanced and delicious. I had a White Negroni and my DC had an La Louisiane, which was a lovely bourbon-based drink, to start.


Spicy Whipped Feta, Pork Rillettes, bread – so very good. Smoky Fish Fritters followed by Crispy Pork Ribs – we liked them both. I have never ordered stuffed mushrooms in a restaurant before, but the Stuffed Mushrooms with chorizo and manchego caught my eye and I’m so glad I ordered them. Delicious! We ended up with Moules Frites. One pound of plump, delicious mussels and crispy, tasty, fries.

Just so you know, I have no horse in this race other than wanting a great new place to succeed.


That sounds fabulous thanks for the review!
I think we all miss The Golden Days of Chowhound but hope to build something similar here. Glad you are contributing!


I really didn’t even know about this place. Thanks!

That’s awesome, just heard about it from a friend but this is the first first-hand report. I wanted to love 51 Lincon but just couldn’t. Price range midway between Sycamore and Big Little Dinner, I surmise?

Ironically someone just sent this to me.


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I think the prices are about the same as Sycamore’s.

Judging from MC’s review that someone just posted, sounds right. You and MC are on the same page, really looking forward to trying it.

Right on, sister (or brother – just to be totally gender neutral).

PS: “Golden Days of Chowhound” = GolDaChow? GoDahound?

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