Burnt taste when toasting oats

I coated a cup of oats with two tablespoons of canola oil and toasted the oats in the oven at 350 for 18 minutes, stirring once. The oats don’t look over toasted but have an odd burnt taste to them. Could it be the canola oil?

Probably. Why so much oil?

I just toast oats in a skillet, without oil. Keep stirring when you start to smell the “oatiness”. I usually do about 7-8 minutes.


To add some richness. The canola brand I use changed their source recently and isn’t as high quality. Hasn’t happened to me before. I’ll try it your way first and work backwards from there. Come to think of it, I was out of cinnamon so I used pumpkin spice. That’s two variables.

Have you ever over toasted oats? If so, can you describe what it tastes like? (Some oats say “oven toasted” on the package, but these didn’t.)

I toast oats in the toaster oven every morning. No oil. A little salt. The “toast” setting for 10 minutes. They look slightly browned and smell toasty.

Use a dry pan on medium heat, swishing them around so they don’t burn, and when you start to smell them, they’re ready.

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Are you making some variation of granola? I don’t add oil and seasoning before toasting oats. I just dry roast them in a skillet, until they brown slightly and I can smell them. Then I add my milk and a dash of cinnamon and cook like normal.

No, I specifically don’t want granola. Sometimes I don’t feel like having full-blown granola with my yogurt, just toasted oats.

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