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Smithsonian Center for Folklife - Table Talk: Never Eating Alone Is Easy on Amtrak

contains two links that result in a “This webpage is not available” error message.

This one as well.

Hi Ernie,
I just checked both links and they are working for me (the Smithsonian Table Talk and the NY Times Amtrak stories). What happens if you use a different browser or different computer?

Also the “Elsie Dee” post link to “I Made My Shed the Top-Rated Restaurant on TripAdvisor” is also working for me.

I’m using Windows 10 and Chrome browser on a home computer. Chrome just made some updates recently and maybe that has something to do with the problem on your machine.

The links do work on an (old) version of Firefox, but not on Chrome (also old). This is on Linux.

On Windows Chrome (latest version) the links work, but don’t open in a separate tab.

On the Linux Chrome, if I right-click and select open in a new tab, that link works. Just double-clicking on the link does not.

And here are the “details” for the failed link:

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

When I hover over the failed link you provide, then right click, then choose the top choice “Open link in new tab,” I do get the ‘Shed’ story in a new tab.