I Made My Shed the Top-Rated Restaurant on TripAdvisor


An interesting - and successful - experiment.

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Oh man, what a great story. Reminds me of Jean Shepherd’s famous I, Libertine hoax:



This reference makes me very happy.

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Evidence of the desperation you have to have to take any account of Tripadvisor ratings.

A similarish story from my particular part of the world:


A good laugh, but at the same time, quite sad for our internet age. I’m sure that guy is now working as a consultant specialist in social media for restaurants.

I actually ate in one of the top nº1 at one point trip advisor restaurant in Paris, I didn’t know that it was in trip advisor, I saw a review by a trusted food writer and someone write a report in HO, you can read it here.

The restaurant was quite good for the price we paid. The chef before being a cook, graduated from a business school and worked in the finance. I guess that’s how he was so good in getting to the top in TA.


Well, he bought the pizza normally sold for £2.78 and sold it for £4 with a soft drink and a side salad, it wasn’t a lot of profit he was making either. In Paris, lots of restaurants bought from Metro, the distributor for restaurant food, the frozen food and sold them like home made bistrot dishes price. That’s crime.

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Similar in the UK, naf.

And I recall a tapas place in Mallorca saying they had nothing to serve one lunchtime as the distributor hadnt arrived.