Broken images

I’ve checked several browsers, images disappeared from this post. Anybody could see the photos?

Nope, I can’t see them. I can see all other images on the site though which makes me think it’s an uploading or formatting issue with the pics themselves.

That’s odd. I don’t have an explanation for this loss, especially that posts before and after don’t seem to run into this issue.

In general, our service provider has good track record. They notified us of the loss of one file a year ago when they had a severe outage. But other than that they have been consistently reliable.

The only thing I can think of that may be a potential reason is: when we upgraded the software a couple of months back, there’s some backlog issue with the software processing posts, etc.

Thanks, I will see if I can upload to replace the photos again in this case.

I replaced the photos, can anybody see the photos in the link of the first post?

Me, I don’t.

Nope! Sorry

I will have to dive into the upload tables and upload servers to see what’s going on.

and for some reasons when i ‘rebuild’ the post, the pictures reappeared. weird.

any other posts you’ve come across that has this problem of images disappearing?

Here are 2 posts I came across recently.

Interestingly it’s the images in the embeddded reply that’s missing. The original images up thread is showing just fine. No idea why.

An image is missing.

Came across another broken image today.

I just went in and fixed that by re-‘quoting’ the post.

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What do you mean by re-quoting?

I fixed that. Its probably an artifact from a long time ago when we had images stored in multiple servers. We had a backup copy of the smaller version of the image, but the original image was still missing even in the backup. Since now we consolidated all our images into one server, going forward, the images should all be stored ok.