Bread pudding - favorite recipe?

I have a stale baguette. I could go in a fruit or a chocolate direction.

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Or, as I’m planning for Friday’s dinner, you could go down a savoury bread pudding route with this recipe.


Thanks @Harters. I have some illogical people in my household who like a bread pudding but will not eat a strata, which effectively a savory bread pudding is. Or, like a clafoutis, but will not eat a quiche. Same issue. Apparently when a custard occurs, it must be sweet or will be rejected.


Raisins in bread pudding - yes or no?

Definitely yes, especially if macerated in Sherry/Port/Madeira.

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Blueberries instead of raisins for us. We make a ton of bread pudding to use up scraps of bread,veg, fruit etc at home.

there are lots of good versions and i won’t toss a bread pudding out of bed for eating raisins…but, the top dog and one of the best things at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in Nola is that white chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate sauce…and same stand as the crawfish streudel…


Bread pudding in this house is an occasional treat using stale bread or even hot dog buns. They are torn up and tossed with pecan pieces in an imprecise mixture of fat free milk (all we keep on hand other than heavy cream), eggs, turbinado sugar, vanilla, and salt and bakery until browned on top. We love it (too much). It gets baked in a buttered Charlotte mold.


Long ago, Caprial Pence had a recipe for a lucious bread pudding from one of her early cookbooks. It was a good jumping off point for playing with. Apples, almonds and the usual custardy suspects. Gonna gave to track that one down and make it again after decades.

Eliza Smith’s recipe from 1728 includes the use of both raisins and currants which suggests inclusion is a pretty traditional thing.

It may well be a very traditional British dessert, but this Briton simply doesnt like it - neither taste nor texture (which is why I’m surprsised I’m trying a savoury version


I didn’t try bread pudding until around 10 years ago.

I make stratas and breakfast casseroles a lot.


I’m putting off making it today and doing Stella’s ricotta cookies instead. But I’d love to do the bread pudding tomorrow or the day after. Please share a recipe if you have one. Otherwise I’ll do as I do and resort to google and hope it’s a good one.

have fun…im with @Vecchiouomo as far as no need for precision and using that general method. really stale bread is great (so no rush!), sometimes i soak it overnight with the milk eggs etc to get it really custardy. a pie pan or one of those rectangular pyrex ones can work well too if you like the crispy buttery parts.