Bread bake and sweet treats, what are you making 2021

Your cookies look wonderful. And working with whole rye! Awwesome.

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Thanks @Rooster - very, very nice, and they certainly look well crafted. I think the price is quite reasonable, both for purchase and shipping. Definitely a good gift to inspire a baker.

The King´s Ring = Roscon de Reyes …
A traditional historical cake made with bread flour, and has a bun type texture. The bread dough is filled with tiny treasures (as if it were Cracker Jacks); and must include one bean, a coin and a figurine and these are wrapped in a heat proof parchment packet. The person who receives the bean; is awarded the crown of the Three Kings for the Epiphany.


Wow, did you bake these beauties?

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Bringing this orange olive oil cake to my Aunt tomorrow as a surprise.
Smells really good. Fresh orange juice, zest, liquor and bitters. Citrus olive oil.


Olive oil cake with plain greek yogurt, bananas and homemade ginger pecan granola. Trifecta toppings.


Popovers, olive oil version. This batch was much closer to what our favorite BnB serves. Enjoyed with strawberry rhubarb jam this morning. I have prepared popovers half a dozen times and the best tips are: room temp ingred, start at 450 then dial down to 350 degrees; 15 mins each, pierce once with knife straight out of oven to let steam escape.


Beautiful @Rooster, and one of the funnest things to bake!

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I’m making progress in my popover baking and it’s very satisfying to taste the improvement. So, thxs.


Are those fluffy soft and light inside? I don’t think I’ve ever tried them.

All of the above! I posted the recipe I rely on in the 2020 baking thread.

I don’t have the smooth cup shape molds like yours, do you think these cup cakes molds will work?

Or I have some caneles molds silicones and copper ones, which are deeper and less wide than the cup cake ones.


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According to what I was shown, you can use a cupcake mold but stick to the no more than 2/3rds full rule and preheat the molds while the oven is coming to temp. I have only used metal tins myself though.

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This cake was a big hit with the cake loving crowd. Slices were dropped in mailboxes and my Aunt is a real stickler for moist cakes. I just started baking cakes last year so if you’re looking for a springform cake that is one pan, one bowl and a better alternative to dense pound cake and super moist, highly recommend.

My wife was knocked out by the quality of these rolling pins. If you have smaller hands, the pins are just right.

Love orange olive oil cake! Which recipe did you use?


I love citrus in my cakes and I might try this one on your rec. If you enjoy olive oil cakes there was a great recipe in Bon Appetit years ago (might be on epicurious) that was a grape/moscato wine/olive oil cake.


Thanks. This is all new to me.

Persian walnut cookies, 4 ingredients in one batch. Very tasty. Use really good walnuts.