Bread bake and sweet treats, what are you making 2021

If I didn’t watch portions, share what I bake or exercise I would pay for it. Who knew I would enjoy baking this much? Not at all!

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For your basque cake, what is the consistency of your cheese? I’ve got some fresh cheese, not exactly the creamy stage. I asked H to buy twice faiselle and he bought me twice some soft cheese instead?!

Room temp cream cheese beaten and whipped is like very thick pudding.

I used my proofer this weekend. It worked well. I’m going to spend more time experimenting with it. I baked three no knead loaves. I rushed the last one into the ove. It didn’t rise as much, and the dough was cool to the touch.
But all in all, I’m very happy with it!

I like adding beer to my dough, and do a five day slow rise in the refrigerator. I have figured out that I can get five loaves of bread with one bottle of beer. So I’m going to experiment with whipping up five loaves, letting them rise in the fridge for five days. Then I’ll bake one or two and pop the rest in the freezer for another time.


Hope you share a few photos!

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I would if I could. But I didn’t take photos of the bread or the lemon meringue pie I made.
Hopefully I’ll remember next time!


I’m so glad you’re happy with the proofer! It is an essential kitchen item for me, and even better that it folds away. I have been eyeing the new Anova Precision Ovens (a home steam injection oven!), but for that price and the amount of space it takes up, it’s a no go.

Have to say, one of the best parts of working from home is that I’m around to do bread prove/bakes and long braises. These projects fit seamlessly between the emails, phone meetings, and research projects, and give me a great excuse to get up, stretch, walk around, rest my eyes for 5 minutes.


Beautiful result. I agree about the satisfaction bread baking gives you too.


Could you post a photo of the unit folded if you have a chance. Thanks.

Here it is, tucked away in my drawer.


Excellent. Thank you very much. Fits perfectly.

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The phyllo dough seemed a tad brittle when I opened it. I let it defrost in the frig overnight and come to room temp, covered with a damp cloth before beginning assembly. Baked, 70 mins. the top is now covered in syrup to rest all day. It doesn’t look perfect but I have no doubt it will taste good.



I have only made Baklava from scratch with Greek Phyllo.

I might consider whisking 1st the white of an egg and then brushing with the white of an egg. However, I am uncertain.

I can give you my Greek recipe that I received from a classic Greek Chef many years ago and maybe this may assist you …

Good luck …

I added rosewater to the syrup, cinnamon and ground cardamom to the nuts, and just sprinkled a touch more freshly ground green cardamom and grated pistachio nuts to the top. The pan smells like baklava :wink:

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I just saw a photo that Kenji posted on his instagram account. He said that the Anova countertop oven gives the bread a thicker crust. I am really happy with the thickness and crunchiness that I get out of baking the bread in a dutch oven. So, I’m not tempted to go that route either with the limited amount of counterspace I have.

I’m going to give the proofer another workout this weekend to work on my technique!

Next time I try baklava, more syrup and mite pronounced nut, syrup and spice flavors. My hand was too light.

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More pronounced…

Looks like baklava to me Dan.

Appreciate John. After sitting for 6 hours, the slices were sticky enough for our tastes. Sliced well. I now have a better idea of how much flavoring I need next time. And, I’ll def make a smaller batch.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold