Brass handles on copper pots?

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Yes, these get hot.

Does anybody like these kinds of handles on sauce pots, at all?

I know the vastly preferred version is cast iron or maybe even better wrought iron if you can get it. SS functions well if you can handle the aesthetic.

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Hi, Hiracer:

No, I don’t think anyone who is rational about function could prefer brass tongue handles for stovetop use. I think such brass handles exist at all only for non-functional reasons, e.g., ease in casting, ductility, aesthetics, corrosion resistance.

I have only one pan with a brass tongue (a Mazzetti skillet). After receiving a few burns, I wised up and fitted her with a silicone sleeve. This works fine.

Still, about the only future pan I’d even consider buying with a brass tongue is a unicorn like a 3mm oval fish pan.



I think they look nice and of course they don’t rust…but for single handled sauce pans, well, I have one in the shape of a Windsor pan and you have to be on your toes, that handle gets hot fast. I noticed Dehillerin has a notice on their website- that they are only selling Mauviel with the brass handles, including the thicker versions…What’s up with that? Anyway, the hot handles get old fast, I guess if I didn’t have various other handle materials on other pans, I might get used to using them with some protection.

The brass handle I have has sharp top edges that I may pass a file over to smooth out - I like the Mauviel stainless handles well enough and the iron handles are fine too- they get hot but they don’t surprise you as much.

I recently saw a perfect set of 3 mm tin lined pans for $400 on ebay. Copperware delights website sells new at reasonable prices. I’ve only seen wrought iron handles on extremely old pans.

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Can you tell me more about the silicone sleeve, maybe a picture?

I am looking for a very specific pot and Mazzetti has a 4 quarter that is pretty close. Demeyere Atlantis has a disk bottom which, size -wise, is perfect (5 quart tall stock pot, 8 inches by 8 inches). But I really want cladded or better yet copper 3mm. 20cm diameter is ideal, but I will settle for 22cm. Need 4 to 5 quarts. No helper handles.


My rondeau has those short brass handles and yes, they get hot. I also have them on a stocker.

Never knew I was seeking a unicorn -(oval 3mm+ pan)-- now I know.

It seems like the e.Dehillerin prices are lower than before the change – it seemed they drew down their inventory and now they are back. Is the tinned still 2.5-3.5mm?

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My rondeau has the brass loops too. It cooks so well it hardly finds itself in the oven. LOL. I find braising on the stop much faster.


IF you’re looking for a tall single handled sauce pan, and not a 2 handled pot, then I might think something like this might work- maybe the 7.5 x5 or the 9.25 x 6 inch

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Thanks, but the 9.5 is too big and the 7.5 is under 4 quarts, my cut-off. Plus It’s too rich for me, and I didn’t see anything about thickness.

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Hi, Hiracer:

Sure, here’s a photo.

They’re a Vollrath ptoduct, available at many resto supply houses.

Note that they have a slot-type channel, rather than a rounder, sloppier hole. They can be a tight fit, but once on your handle, will not turn or slip.

Really, their only downside is that they can make hanging a little more of a challenge.



The old 22 cm. sauce pans are just slightly smaller than 9"x5" in size and hold 4 quarts with about 3/4" to spare I have a 3 mm tin lined one. and I bet Alarash a poster from c.h. may have a used one for sale. Finding an 8" sauce pan with a 6" height would require finding a large ‘milk’ pan, and it would not be 3 mm. thick. …Soy Turkiye could custom make you one…obviously not cheap…


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Thanks but 24 cm is a non-starter. 22cm is marginal. I know exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t think it’s made. The Mazzetti is the the best copper version I have found thus far. 20cm X 18 cm is the ideal. The Mazzetti is 22cm X 12 cm with rounded corners.

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Many thanks. That looks really interesting. Ugly as hell, but functional. It should be black, IMO. But blue is the company color, I get it. Glad to hear they don’t slip. That was a concern of mine.

Did you use a lubricant to get them on? Many people use hairspray to slip on bicycle grips. Slippery until dry.

I think I could live with these. My plot thickens. (Pun?)

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Thanks for the Ebay link. I saw that earlier. Too wide.

I’m hardcore.

#15 this is not 24 cm or 23 cm


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The Dehillerin is interesting. Thanks.

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Hi, Hiracer:

I just boiled the sleeve for a minute to make it more pliable.

If 20cm (8") is in the running, this is a very nice pan:


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I remember looking at that one earlier. It’s a bit shy of 4 quarts by my math. Still, I think I should give that a hard look. It looks 20cm to my eye too which is the sweet spot.


@hiracer – I think I mentioned it, but the 20 cm Mauviel with CI handles in hammered tin is about 2.5 to 2.7 mm and 3.6qts. Mine was just $115 shipped from (lousy, terrible packing, btw). If you end up in the Bay Area, Cookin’ has some 3.5mm in stock at fair prices. I picked up an 18cm there — I don’t recall that specific size in stock but I’ll be back there post xmas.

Finally, Pierre Verges makes a 2.5mm tinned lined in 22 cm-- unfortunately with the helper handle you don’t want.