Brandied Fruit

I got a lot of great suggestions for a brandy to cook with. I ended up getting E&J from a local vendor.

Has anyone tried this NY Times recipe? It says to cover the lid of the jar tightly. I’m leery of explosions.

Many won’t be able to see the article/recipe as it’s behind a paywall. Is this anything like “Friendship Fruit”, where you let the fruit marinate in the brandy and sugar, adding more and stirring weekly? When my mother used to make that back in the 1970s, she put it in a very large (tall) glass jar with a latch/bale lid, but did NOT latch the lid fully. Just let it rest on the rubber gasket so the fermented air was allowed to escape.

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I can’t explain because I don’t have an NT subscription but when I first accessed it, it wasn’t behind the paywall.

Don’t tell, here is an archived version.

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So this is not a fermentation. This is a canning/preserving Recipe.
Between the Alcohol and the Heat Processing nothing will be alive to create an explosion.



I was just on a fishing trip where one of my pals makes jars of brandied cherries just for this trip. We get pretty happy on those suckers. Still a week of no cell service and eating/drinking like a king is my elixir.

From the link:

“I made this and the glass jar exploded sending little shards of glass every where in my kitchen even into the refrigerator and ceiling. DO NOT PUT A LID ON THE JAR, cover with a dish towel or something light.UPDATE : The glass jar is the problem, use a crock like you would for pickles or sauerkraut. It needs to be sealed for the fermenting process but not with a glass jar.”