Bramley Apples - Los Angeles, CA

When I discovered Ottolenghi’s recipes, I started reading about Bramley

I’d never seen them in Los Angeles so I substituted Granny Smith apples.

On Tuesday at the Torrance Farmers Market, Ha’s Apple Farm had Bramley apples.

I made Ottolenghi’s Apple Olive Oil Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting. The Bramley apples made the cake so much more flavorful than when I’ve used Granny Smith.

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You’ll have probably also noted a texture difference. Like other of our cooking apples, Bramleys quickly cook down to a fluff, whereas a sharp eating apple like Granny Smith generally retains its shape. Bramley is what I use for apple sauce to go with, say, duck or pork.

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I’ve seen them in Sprouts and Nuggets markets.

Never this early in the season though.