box of chocolates poll

Think about a box of 12 chocolates.

Would you rather try the most flavors, have an extra to share/revisit, or have lots of the same to enjoy over & over?

  • 1 each of 12 flavors
  • 2 each of 6 flavors
  • 3 each of 4 flavors
  • 4 each of 3 flavors

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Just curious, thanks for voting!

There are so many I don’t like, and several that I do… mostly with fruit, coconut, and nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts).

Not a fan of toffees, and heavy butter creams so it really depends on the selection. So while I would prefer a wide assortment of what I like, if that includes a lot of what I don’t I’d opt for fewer flavors. (c;


For a chocolate place where I have never been too? – 2 each of 6 flavors. I think I need to have an opportunity to taste a second time. If it is a chocolate shop I have been to many times and I know their chocolate, then I will probably pick fewer flavors and more pieces for each.


If its See’s Candy, I would like 12 of each flavor please. :yum:


Funny Story…
Last Valentines Day I went to my local grocery store and they were having a sale (on boxes of chocolates - heart shaped) a few weeks before Valentines day, but you had to buy two boxes to get the sale price. I started scratching my head trying to think of the marketing behind this decision… why would the average guy need two boxes of chocolates. Not wanting to let a sale slip by me, I purchased two boxes. I gave one to my girlfriend early, and held back the other one for Feb. 14th – after explaining I had to buy 2 boxes. After finishing the first box a few days later, my girlfriend started bugging me for the second box, even though it was still a week away from Valentines Day. I gave her the second box and headed back to the store for 2 more boxes (because the [2 for] sale was still on). I wanted her to be able to open a box on Feb. 14th.
Initially, I went into the store with the intention of buying one box of candy and (in the end) purchased four boxes. Apparently, the marketing guy did (in fact) have the right idea with the “must buy two boxes” sale.


See’s Bordeux, please. Once a year will do!


My partner has to have a See’s Bordeaux egg every easter.


When I got the cherry or the orange one . Yuck . Caramel is my favorite along with the maple nougat. I learned after years I don’t have to crush them with my thumb.

Actually, I like both:

1 x 12 flavors - that would be for myself only and I can try all different flavours, and to know which ones I like.

2 x 6 flavors - ok, that makes me less guilty, because the other in the house wouldn’t complain if I ate everything!


This is so hard as I think I’m a blend between 1x12 and 2x6 although really, if I’m getting an assortment (from Neuhaus) it will be a LARGE one where I don’t mind putting it out for friends (friends with taste) so they can enjoy some.

Dammit. Just remembering how Brexit put an end to my mother’s care packages for me. A Belgian mother worries, you know.


In this case, have to choose what to go into the box. Personally, I like coffee and salty caramel and certain crispy praline. Some passion fruit ones can be nice too!


A 2x12 can be nice, but more the obstacle of price. But why not a test on that.

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It’ll depend more on which flavours are in the box.

I frequently do a custom box, and usually choose soft caramels, vanilla creams, coffee creams, sometimes English toffee. Occasionally cherry cordials.

In the assorted box from a local chocolatier, the coconut, fruit creams, mint smoothie and peanut butter chocolates are the centres I like the least.

When I select a box as a gift, I usually do 3 flavours

When I buy chocolate from a place I haven’t tried, I like to try the assorted box. I like it when there is a description, telling people which flavour is which.


Oh, I love that! Usually a photo or illustration with a detail description on a sheet of paper to accompany the box. It helps to remember what to order in the future.


My favorite pralines are Leonidas, and I have favorites in that brand as well. While a box of 12 flavors might be interesting, I’d be happy with 3 each of 4 flavors.

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The old fashioned dipped chocolates in Canada and the States, maybe also in Europe, sometimes have a hint on the chocolate, with a swirl on top. A V swirl for vanilla cream, M swirl for maple cream, C swirl for chocolate cream, at one place where I buy chocolate.


Yes, the whole Forrest Gump ‘you never know what you’re going to get’ is dumb!

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Thanks for the comments!

I agree, at a new place or as a gift more variety usually makes sense so you can try them all, but after you’ve tasted you might want a more limited box with just your favorites. I do see other chocolatiers doing big boxes of one signature flavor or a few flavors on a theme. But my avatar is a typical box of mine so :woman_shrugging:

I have a customer for whom I produce chocolates for their gift baskets, I was surprised when they only picked three flavors for their winter assortment. They do some baskets with two boxes of chocolates, seems boring to me to have 6 or 8 of the same thing but I guess it’s just a different approach.

As for See’s, my favorites were the dark chocolate marzipan, coconut, and toffee sticks :slight_smile:


If I know what the flavors are, I’d take either 4 of 3 flavors or 3 of 4 flavors (preferred).

Having said that, I filled a half-pound box for myself last Friday at a chocolate shop and while I don’t recall how many pieces total (it was by weight), I believe I got upwards of 8 flavors with repeats on at least two. So maybe I’m a 1 of 12 flavors?

Doesn’t matter - provided it doesn’t have coconut or almond extract in it, I’m bound to eat it all.


My local old fashioned shop has the following:
Milk & Dark Assorted
Nuts & caramels
Assorted creams
(They used to have dark assorted)

Another place I have bought chocolates has an assorted caramels box, with 3 or 4 types.