Bourbon Buys....... in New Jersey

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Bottle King if I’m going to drive a little bit or Little Silver Bottle shop that a friend of mine owns (wine prices aren’t too crazy and he has an amazing bourbon and rye selection). Would love to see a Total Wine or something along those lines open closer to me. Really surprised there are so many decent liquor stores north of the border but nothing really in Monmouth county.


Are you a big bourbon drinker? Was thinking about picking up a bottle for my husband for Valentine’s day. Any recommendations?

Bookers if he likes a stiff drink. This isn’t for everyone but it is a damn fine uncut product. This isn’t proofed down. It’s the real deal. There are much more expensive and harder to get bottles, but this will get the job done at a fair price.


Partial to Woodford Reserve myself. Won’t break the bank either


My everyday bourbon is Buffalo Trace.


Gotta respect someone that has bourbon everyday!


One of a few things I’ve been successful at.


We use Redneck Bourbon in the Bourbon Caramel sauce. Makes a terrific sauce but I never drank it straight.

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I’m not much of a bourbon guy but when I do I go makers or knob creek

Maker’s 46. It is stronger than regular Maker’s Mark and I believe has a sherry cask finish. It is called “46” because it took the distillers 46 times to get it right supposedly. Plus the red wax seal on top could be a nice touch for Valentine’s Day.

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I use Heaven Hill for cooking but would never dare drink it.

It actually goes very well in some Brussels Sprouts with bacon and brown sugar,

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Wow. That makes Top Golf seem like dropping 50 cents in a pinball machine.

Thanks @gcaggiano @MsBean @corvette_johnny @Metsfan86 @JoeBabbitt @taboni !!!

I’ll be going to Joe canal’s next to my work on Monday to check out their selection! Thanks again!!!

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Good luck. Tell them to open up here please. We desperately need a place like that here

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Excellent idea!!! Pitch them the Acme location! Become a Joey Canal scout!

What is the draw to this place? I’ve never been.

Between spirits and bottle king, there isn’t much liquor I can’t find in central nj. Team that with shoppersvineyard.Com mail order, and I’m pretty much set.

Another liquor question, does anyone know if Maine brewing distributes in NJ anymore? They blew up so fast years ago that I don’t think they can even keep up with demand. I haven’t seen it in years down here

Ps…I like how this went from a grocery store thread and morphed into a liquor one lol

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I used to go to Shoppers Vineyard. They had a decent selection. My wine specialist moved to Wine Library in Springfield, NJ, (to become one of the wine directors of sales), and I have been using them ever since. They have an excellent selection and are always sending daily email specials. If you are going to use mail order they have something called a Library Pass for $99.00 a year, (I got it on sale for $49.00), where you can pretty much get free shipping on every bottle of wine (even if you just buy 1 bottle). They ship it next day Fed ex.

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Hey Eli. Yes I need to check that out. I remember you telling me. It seems kind of like an amazon prime of liquor.

Yes, Wine Library is great and they have some really good sales. Also, if they don’t have a wine that you like they will special order it for you. They have done that many times for me.

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Angel’s Envy (bourbon, not the rye, which is double the price) is a LOVELY one…It’s finished in port wine barrels so it’s very smooth/easy drinking.